Filmmaking is hard.
Entertainment Payroll is now easy

Tackle film payroll, insurance, and HR with Wrapbook, for only 0.5% of payments.

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Entertainment payroll should be easy
Easy to use

Tame The Chaos of Entertainment Payroll

Receive all requests for payment in Wrapbook - including timecards, expenses, and invoices -- in one place.

Calculate taxes and union dues in app. And run your payroll when you’re ready.

Tame The Chaos of Entertainment Payroll
Seamless W4s & W9s

Onboard Crew With Ease

You have better things to do than hunt down W4s and I9s from actors and crew members.

With the Wrapbook app, it only takes a couple minutes to onboard a crew member. Wrapbook handles all their compliance documents for you under the covers.

Onboard Crew With Ease
Save Money

Spend Money on Your Film, Not Payroll

Wrapbook only costs 0.5% of payments.

We are the lowest priced union approved payroll solution on the market. A typical indie film will save at least $2000-$5000 using Wrapbook vs the competition.

Save Money With Wrapbook
Save Time

Get Back to Producing

Between hiring crew, organizing shoots, and running your production company, film payroll should be the last thing to worry about.

Wrapbook’s intuitive interface makes everything related to payroll a breeze.

Save Time With Wrapbook

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