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Human Resources
for Entertainment Production

Meet HR tailored to the unique pace of entertainment - express onboarding, document sharing, up-to-date compliance, and more

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Wrapbook Entertainment HR: Collaborate
Cut Through the Paperwork

Onboard Cast and Crew Seamlessly

You have better things to do than hunt down W4s and I9s from actors and crew members.

With the mobile experience, it only takes 3 minutes to onboard a member of your production. Wrapbook collects W4, W9, I9s when onboarding, and sends out W2s & 1099s come tax season.

Wrapbook Entertainment HR: Onboard Cast and Crew Seamlessly
Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Share Handbooks, Call Sheets, Guides, & More

Don’t keep people in the dark! Share production books, call sheets, shot lists, storyboards, and more with everyone all through the app. Control access as you deem fit.

Wrapbook Entertainment HR: Share Handbooks, Call Sheets, Guides
Entertainment Calibrated

Built For Film Payroll

Everyone in entertainment is working as short term employees -- hired and let go from a legal standpoint for each production. Wrapbook is the only digital payroll company, carefully designed to tackle the nuances of film payroll.

Wrapbook Entertainment HR: Built For Film Payroll
Share responsibilty

Invite Your Producers

Run your production company more efficiently by granting producers access to the specific productions they’re running.

Add as many team producers you need for no extra charge.

Wrapbook Entertainment HR: Invite Your Producers