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Modern Film Payroll
Made Easy

Tackle film payroll with ease. See why Wrapbook is the best entertainment payroll.

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Modern Film Payroll
A One Stop Shop

Full Service Entertainment Payroll

Wrapbook automates payroll filings and tax payments, calculating both federal and local taxes in all 50 states.

Run unlimited payrolls, union or non-union, use direct deposit, juggle multiple schedules and pay rates -- all from the app.

Wrapbook Film Payroll: Full Service Entertainment Payroll
Made for Producers

Tuned to the Rhythm of Entertainment

Wrapbook is built for the very unique rhythm of entertainment to onboard people quickly, handle their payroll and offload them seamlessly.

Use one app to onboard, pay, and offload everyone from production to production.

Wrapbook Film Payroll: Made for Producers
Ready for Anything

Timecards, Expenses, Invoices, and More

Wrapbook makes it easy for crew members to submit timecards and expenses or for contractor to invite you directly in the Wrapbook app.

Appearing on your dashboard, you can easily sort them, calculate taxes and union dues, and run payroll.

Wrapbook Film Payroll: SAG Timecards, Expenses, Invoices and more
Union Approved

Compliant with SAG, DGA, and WGA Regulations

Wrapbook is one of the few SAG-AFTRA compliant payroll companies in America.

Wrapbook calculates employer fringes and complicated timecards correctly, while collecting union pension and health benefits and keeping the unions happy.

Wrapbook Film Payroll: Compliant with the SAG, DGA, and WGA Regulations