April 22, 2021

Top Live Event Production Companies of 2024

Anna Keizer
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Researching live event production companies in your area? Looking for a live event production vendor that can cater to your company’s upcoming needs?

As companies navigate the tail-end effects of the pandemic, they might be resuming their live event productions or opting for virtual alternatives. If you can find a company that can pull off both, you'll be set.

Wrapbook has compiled a list of some of the top live event production companies across the country. So no matter where you might be in the United States, you can find the company that’s right for you.

Gathered according to the great reviews they’ve already received from previous clients, these top live event production companies can help you create and execute your next live event, whether it’s in person or virtual.

*Note - the companies listed below provide other video services too, or are also video production companies themselves. While it is often the case that video production companies hire live event companies, the companies on this list offer strong live event or broadcast offerings. They’re listed in no particular order.

Let’s jump in.

Top live event production companies on the East Coast

Across the Eastern Seaboard are many highly regarded event production vendors, each with their own vast set of services to cater to your specific needs, whether it be for an experiential marketing event or another type of live performance.

Let’s check them out. 

1. 5:00 Films & Media in Highland, MD

With a stellar track record of more than 15 years, the live entertainment production company 5:00 Films & Media has ample experience in executing both in-person and virtual events, including webcasts, live streaming, seminars, events, talks, meetings, and conventions. 

Watch 5:00 Films & Media in action at one of their webcast events.

They are a full-service production company with work expanding to scripted animation, web series, and more.

2. Bolex Brothers LLCC in New York, NY

The first among our live event production companies in NYC is Bolex Brothers LLC. Two key elements set it apart from other live event production companies. One, Bolex Brothers ensures that every client has a producer assigned to their project. Two, if the client requests it or it fits the project, this live entertainment production company offers celluloid videography. 

Their portfolio is unique in what they tackle. While Bolex produces any live event, they highlight policy-driven and political events as well. You can watch their coverage of a United Nations conference on Saudi Arabian policy below.

Bolex Brothers was started by partners TJ Ferrari and Brandon Warrick.

3. Gemstone Media in Jacksonville, FL

The Northeast might be a hub for live event production companies, but the entire Atlantic Coast is home to top live entertainment companies such as Gemstone Media in Florida. The company’s scope of operations includes live sporting events, live news events—and for those searching virtual event production companies—live streaming of any event.

Check out their reel below.

Their portfolio has a significant focus on live sporting events and if that’s your next project, consider Gemstone.

4. Indigo Productions in New York, NY

We’re heading back to New York City for the live event production vendor Indigo Productions. It puts front and center COVID-safe protocol ---a boon for those specifically looking for virtual event production companies. Because of its 10-year-plus experience in the virtual space, clients can rest assured that they will receive an incredible level of work.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Watch their clip from the Formula E Championship.

This nailed a 60 second spot on the Jumbotron of the NY Auto Show.

5. LAI Video in Washington, DC

LAI Video in our nation’s capital is another live entertainment production company that takes COVID safety seriously. Its motto of “marketing through pandemics, cancellations, and uncertainty” speaks to the company’s mercurial prowess and expertise among virtual event production companies. Additionally, a second office in Chicago makes it easy for clients outside of the D.C. area to use its services.

LAI Video takes its event production series with an entire separate landing page devoted to event continuity. They specialize in every part of the process from your event’s opener video to sponsor recognition videos.

Check out their style below.

They also offer a graphics package to elevate any virtual event experience.

6. Producers in Baltimore, MD

Want a live event production company that can take care of literally every facet of your upcoming project? Producers has got you covered. While it offers à la carte services as well, the company prides itself on being able to handle projects from concept to delivery. They indeed “do it all,” which is often exactly what clients are looking for.

Watch their intro video for the Sagamore Spirit Cocktail Showdown Competitions.

They offer clients full-service attention for their live event needs.

7. Prosper Digital TV in Brooklyn, NY

With clients from Intuit to the New York City Housing Authority, Prosper Digital TV in Brooklyn has made a name for itself among live event production companies. With services including strategic planning, project consultation, live streaming, dynamic webinars, and virtual events, Prosper Digital TV might be the perfect fit for your next live event project.

Watch the intro to “The Speaker,” a virtual event featuring writer and motivational speaker, Lisa Nichols.

Prosper Digital partners with companies of any size.

8. Team of Scientists in New York, NY

Just like actual researchers, the live event production company Team of Scientists takes a detailed approach to its work. With a process that includes preparation, execution, assembly, and delivery, it no doubt can deliver a successful live event. With clients including the NFL, Google, and Warner Bros., they have certainly already proven so.

Team of Scientists prides itself on its detailed, methodical approach to every live event.

9. Transcendent Enterprise in New York, NY

The last of our top live event production companies across the Eastern Seaboard is Transcendent Enterprise. With 20 years of experience in video production, this company has considerable expertise in dealing with live streaming, remote live video production services, and all forms of video production. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to produce the best virtual event, take a look below.

Transcendent Enterprise is one of several exceptionally rated live event companies across the greater New York City area.

Top live event production companies on the West Coast

From coast to coast, there truly is no shortage of top live event production companies. Let’s take a look at what some West Coast live event companies have to offer, shall we?

10. Crystal Pyramid Productions in San Diego, CA

Among top live entertainment companies, Crystal Pyramid Productions has a highly regarded reputation in the greater San Diego region. In business for 40 years, live event companies like Crystal gauge expectations realistically no matter your project. 

Their broadcast crew has produced live footage for the Red Carpet, interviewing hundreds of celebrities, and worked tons of segments for many shows and channels including Oprah and Animal Planet.

Crystal Pyramid Productions provides high quality live event production services for clients.

11. Binary Pulse Studios in Irvine, CA

We’re kicking things off with Binary Pulse Studios, located just south of Los Angeles. But unlike some of the other live event production companies that we’ve covered, Binary is not restricted to this location. They have additional offices in Santa Clara, CA, Scottsdale, AZ, and Austin, TX. This particular live entertainment production company can suit the needs of any client in the greater Southwest region.

With no less than four offices across the United States, the considerable scope of Binary Pulse’s services puts it among the top live event production companies.

12. The Catalyst Companies in Los Angeles, CA

If you’re looking at live event production companies in Los Angeles, be sure to check out The Catalyst Companies. As with several event production vendors we’ve already mentioned, TCC is ready to handle your virtual event needs. The company details exactly what it can offer, including webinars, virtual conferences, and hybrid events. 

Whether you’re looking to put on a virtual or hybrid live event, The Catalyst Companies can produce it for you. Take a look.

Not sure where to start? They offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation to help you hone in on the best possible virtual event.

13. D-MAK Productions in Phoenix, AZ

Counting among its clients Denny’s, HP, and Intel, D-MAK Productions in Phoenix is a live entertainment production company that focuses on what it calls “attention magic” to ensure that clients walk away happy. 

With services that include both live performance and incredible live events, it’s a standout among live music event companies in the region.

Need a vendor for your next live music event? If you’re in the greater Phoenix area, check out D-MAK Productions.

14. Fluid Films Productions Inc. in Los Angeles, CA

The second of our live event production companies in Los Angeles is Fluid Films Productions Inc. With a motto of “creativity in motion,” this live entertainment production company offers services in live music, fashion and red carpet, entertainment, and digital streaming to provide comprehensive options for your live event needs.

Like its name indicates, Fluid Films Productions Inc. in Los Angeles can cater to the diverse needs of its live event clients.

15. Left Productions in Los Angeles, CA

Also in LA is Left Productions. A truly global operation with additional offices in Paris and London, Left Productions is among the live event production companies that can provide start-to-finish services and exceptionally professional results for any size project.

Left Productions is a full-service company, even producing live sessions with well-known musicians.

If you need a live event production company with global reach, leave it to Left Productions with offices in both the United States and Europe.

16. Levitate Video in San Francisco, CA

Farther north along the California coast is Levitate Video. Even in comparison to other top live event production companies, Levitate has some pretty impressive stats. The company has more than 10 years of experience, over 1500 clients and a comprehensive array of services.

Levitate also emphasizes its ability to scale up or down according to client needs. You can watch their impressive reel below.

The sheer number of individuals and companies that Levitate Video has worked with speaks to its considerable expertise in the live event space.

17. Shields Films, Inc. in Portland, OR

We’re moving out of California to cover the last of our live event production companies on the West Coast---specifically, we’re looking to Portland and Shields Films, Inc. 

Named after its founder, Travis Shields, who began the business nearly 20 years ago, this company takes a personal approach with each client, stating that it can also scale to fit both budget and vision.

Here is a livecast virtual production they did with Brendan Burchard, author and leading high-performance coach.

Shields Films also has its own crew of cinematographers, sound recordists, and PAs to ensure that every project has the attention it deserves.

Non-coastal top live event production companies

Don’t live or work close to either coast? Not a problem! Some of the top live event production companies are located squarely in the middle of the country, convenient for any client to find the vendor that’s right for them.

18. 3rd & Lamar in Austin, TX

Texas has consistently been growing its body of live event companies, and Austin in particular is home to several, including 3rd & Lamar. With varied services options ranging from consulting to production to even podcasting, this company is a one-stop shop for many clients who might be looking for complementary services to support their live event projects.

This media company covers business subculture and music in Austin, producing some of the best live music artists out today.

Austin is a bustling production town with several live entertainment vendors, and 3rd & Lamar is a key player in the scene.

19. 730 Eddy Studios in Zeeland, MI

Farther north you’ll find 730 Eddy Studios in Michigan. Another full-service production vendor, this company offers multiple live event services such as webinars, corporate communications, and on-demand options. 730 Eddy Studios is another top live event production company taking the safety needs of its clients seriously during the pandemic. 

Meet the team.

Need someone to help with your social media live event? Look no further. 730 Eddy Studios has got you covered for that as well.

20. BW Productions in Salt Lake City, UT

BW Productions prides itself on transparency, and when it comes to live event production companies, this is typically a huge selling point for clients. The company makes a point of being clear about pricing and even offers complimentary estimates. It also understands that time is money, which means that clients can expect speedy service for their projects.

They offer event recap videos that celebrate your hard work and help promote future events. You can see their latest one below.

BW Productions also offers professional interview recordings, whether you want to use it for testimonials or a podcast.

21. Castleview Productions in Austin, TX

Another stellar company in Austin is Castleview Productions, which is primarily a video agency but will happily handle all the details of your next live event. Back in Austin, Castleview Productions states clearly on its website that “we do it all.”

And they mean it.

From creative development to execution, this company is among those full-service event production vendors that can guide your live event project from start to finish.

22. CM&D in Austin, TX

What in the world does CM&D stand for? Why, chocolate milk and donuts, of course! It’s this whimsical name that helps CM&D stand apart from other live event companies. And in a crowded town like Austin, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a production company that brings 360 video and VR to your live events. But they do offer much more than just live events. 

Take a ride with the World Rallycross Champion, Johan Kristoffersson in high-quality 4k VR video.

It comes as no surprise that Chocolate Milk & Donuts is a company that finds fun in every live event it produces.With an emphasis on phrases such as “interactive storytelling” and “immersive development,” this company understands what it takes to execute a successful live event.

23. DHD Films in Dallas, TX

Austin doesn’t have a complete monopoly on live event production companies in Texas. Enter DHD Films in Dallas. They know there is still a strong need for producing virtual live events. DHD Films provides comprehensive services for webcasts, webinars, and full-stack virtual events.

While Austin is a stronghold of live event vendors, those closer to the Dallas area can look to DHD Films for their project needs.

24. M-1 Studios in Ferndale, MI

With experience working with clients in automotive, pharmaceutical, retail, real estate, and academia—just to name a few—M-1 Studios has broad expertise across many industries, which also speaks to how highly regarded this company is. 

Equally impressive is the range of services it provides, including live broadcast and special event coverage, and even virtual concerts:

By the way, if you’re interested in M-1 Studios but not located in the greater Michigan area, that’s okay. Like several of the live event production companies already mentioned, they have additional offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago.

Like Texas, Michigan has several top live event production companies such as M-1 Studios for clients who don’t live on either coast.

25. Three Lyons Creative in Detroit, MI

We’ve finally arrived at the last of our top live entertainment companies! And while each of the live event companies already discussed provides phenomenal services, Three Lyons Creative in Detroit certainly stacks up to its impressive resume. 

Live performance capture, live event coverage, and even political campaigns are just some of the live event-centric services offered for clients.

And of course, like a majority of companies on this list, they offer a ton of other video production services apart from live events. 

Given their stellar reviews and comprehensive expertise, every one of the top live entertainment companies listed above can likely cater to whatever your event calls for in terms of budget, vision, or both.

Wrapping up

No matter where you live in the U.S., you can take your pick of live event production companies. But beyond this convenience, these top live entertainment companies have a keen understanding of what is needed for a successful live event as we remain under the challenging circumstances of a pandemic.

And as you consider these companies for your needs, knowing best practices for staffing these events and how to run payroll for these live events efficiently, will make all of the difference, ensuring your focus remains right where it belongs—on your project.

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April 22, 2021


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