Once again, it’s time to get inspired by the creativity of Wrapbook’s clients! 

This month, we’ll spotlight the latest standout ads from some of the most innovative commercial production companies working today. These commercials not only demonstrate exceptional storytelling but also highlight the diverse talent working in the advertising industry. 

Join us as we spotlight the exceptional work produced by Dress Code, Superprime, and Goondocks. 

Dress Code

For Meta

First on our list is Dress Code’s 15-second spot for Meta FKA Facebook.

This short commercial highlights Meta’s personalized feed capabilities with a whimsical twist. 

We open on a vampire sitting by the pool, burning up from the sunlight as he scrolls a Meta feed that’s clearly not for him. But with the click of a button, the environment around him changes, transporting us to a dark lair where the vampire can feel at home and scroll to his heart’s content. 

Directed by Sweden’s own Erik Kockum of SNASK, this commercial masterfully incorporates humor, special effects, sound design, and production design. Combining these cinematic elements results in a short but effective commercial highlighting the benefits of Meta’s personalized feed option. 


For Carhartt

Next on our list is Superprime’s latest spot for the American clothing brand Carhartt.

Directed by Kiku Ohe, this commercial features professional rodeo rider Derion Chavis as he rides a bucking horse. Titled “8 Second Ride,” it draws parallels between Chavis and Carhartt in their shared values of hard work, authenticity, and determination.

When asked about the creative vision behind the campaign, Ohe says that the goal was to portray Carhartt’s... 

“Spirit of no-nonsense, hard-working America that embraces all challenges without ever backing down, no matter how much life kicks at them.”

Ohe uses a mix of digital and film formats to create a cinematic spot that highlights Chavis’ determination as he prepares for his ride. The underlying VO of Chavis reciting a prayer creates anticipation before we jump cut to the horse riding sequence. This sequence is shot in slow motion and is coupled with an energizing soundtrack, resulting in a visually stunning spot that embodies Carhartt’s core values.

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For The Athletic

The final commercial in this list is Goondock’s 15-second spot for The Athletic, a sports journalism publication.

Goondocks’ commercial opens with three dads at a typical suburban barbecue as they discuss the recent 2024 NFL draft. When posed with a question, one of the dads is stumped. 

The commercial's subtext, which touches on the embarrassment of not being up to date on sports news, is relatable to audiences. Director A. Cody Osborne uses a flawless dolly zoom to highlight the actor’s dumbfounded performance, while the amusing voiceover drives the message home. This commercial is also a great example of how short and funny spots are sometimes the most effective way to convey a message to the audience. 

Wrapping up

The commercials in this list barely scratch the surface of our award-winning clientele's commercial productions. With Wrapbook’s services, our clients continue to push boundaries in the commercial space, and we’re excited to see what they dream up next!

Ready to join the ranks of Dress Code, Superprime, and Goondocks? Watch our demo to learn how Wrapbook can help you streamline your next production.

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May 24, 2024


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