November 15, 2023

Watch: Picture North, SixTwentySix, and Smartypants

Anna Keizer
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Wrapbook’s commercial clients have done it again. 

Refill that cup of coffee and sit down to enjoy both your fresh brew and our newest batch of client commercials.

Whether you want to get away, get more business, or just get through your day, these exceptional spots will get you closer to each. Showcasing both the skill of our clients and the importance of what they highlight in each commercial, they’re ads not to be missed!

Picture North

For Duluth Trading Company 

During any given day, a woman might laugh, cry, lounge, test herself, and more. And there’s certainly not enough time in the day to change what you’re wearing for all those moments.

Enter Picture North and its talented director Olivia Curry.

Together they created a beautiful spot for Duluth Trading Company that underscores how its versatile NoGA performance wear can support the women who wear it during “Whatever Day.”


For Squarespace

There’s a wealth of knowledge in you from which others want to learn… And Squarespace can help you do just that.

SixTwentySix made a remarkable spot called “Courses” that demonstrates how to take that knowledge to the people.

Through the Squarespace platform, users can create classes complete with videos, lessons, and chapters so that others can learn and benefit from their years of experience and expertise. 

With this spot, SixTwentySix is already helping people to widen their professional reach and success.


For Visit Fort Worth 

Last on this month’s list is a fabulous spot called “The Unexpected City” narrated by none other than the iconic James Stewart.

Wrapbook client Smartypants and its director Trey Nelson teamed up to produce a piece that displays in all its glory the amazing landscapes, activities, and people of Fort Worth, Texas.

Together with the soothing warble of Mr. Stewart, Smartypants, Nelson et al. created a commercial that demonstrates how a creative vision can move and awe viewers.

Wrapping up

Wrapbook too is in constant awe of the extraordinary work put out by our clients. Want to learn more about our tools for them? Then check out our demo or ebook on fostering better commercial collaboration.

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November 15, 2023


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About the author
Anna Keizer

Anna Keizer originally hails from the Chicagoland area. After receiving her B.A. in Film/Video from Columbia College Chicago, she moved to California and finished her M.A. in Film Studies from Chapman University. She has also graduated from UCLA’s Writing for Television Professional Program and is currently in post-production on the short She Had It Coming, which she wrote and is executive producing.

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