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Great Guns USA cut two days off their wrap process.


After 28 years in the business, Great Guns USA needs little introduction. The global film production company has built a bulletproof reputation on the strength of their talent-packed roster and an industry-leading portfolio of high-caliber work. Just recently, Great Guns USA director Dan Trachtenberg (known directing features like 10 Cloverfield Lane and Prey) helmed an Uber Eats campaign starring Keke Palmer, and during November’s FIFA World Cup, Great Guns USA premiered new work for Frito Lay directed by none other than Michael Bay.

Oliver Fuselier, the managing director of Great Guns USA, has made it his mission to expand on the company’s already rich legacy by nurturing the next generation of talent, and supporting a diverse array of young and emerging directors. By keeping talented creatives at the core of everything Great Guns USA does, Fuselier believes the company will remain a production juggernaut for years to come.

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The Problem

When Fuselier joined Great Guns USA (GGUSA) in 2019, the company had already built a strong international brand. Sensing an opportunity to expand the brand’s profile in the United States, Fuselier quickly brought on a full slate of new work from world-renowned clients. But as GGUSA grew its business, the limitations of their existing payroll solution started to become more and more apparent. Something needed to change.

GGUSA had simply outgrown their previous payroll service. Mountains of unnecessary physical paperwork and endless back-and-forth emails with a paymaster made administering payroll slow and inefficient. Plus, all that paperwork led to unnecessary mistakes when it came to onboarding new employees and approving timecards. Payroll was wasting valuable time that Fuselier and the company simply didn’t have.

Why Wrapbook?

Wrapbook’s all-in-one digital payroll solution is seamless and user-friendly, which makes filling out, reviewing, and approving timecards quick and straightforward for both crew and coordinators. Plus, Great Guns USA is thrilled by how responsive the support team at Wrapbook is.

“[Wrapbook]’s always so easy—better than any of the other online payroll companies. It’s very user friendly, and very self-explanatory.”

The Solution

After years of dealing with frustrating inefficiencies caused by the company’s antiquated payroll service, GGUSA’s head of production introduced Fuselier to a better payroll solution: Wrapbook.

Wrapbook makes managing payroll on the company’s many projects simple and seamless. Everything—onboarding documents, timecards, payroll, and reporting—is accessible from Wrapbook’s all-in-one project dashboard. And since Wrapbook allows crew to fill out and save digital documents and timecards in its system, the software eliminates the need for unnecessary paperwork. The streamlined system keeps everyone organized, and keeps sensitive information secure.

“As a growing company, a company that needs a platform like this, [Wrapbook] is really ideal.” — Fuselier

An All-in-One Payroll Solution

With Wrapbook, everything is at your fingertips—onboarding documents, timecards, payroll, and reporting. The unified platform puts everything in one place, so Great Guns USA no longer has to waste valuable time trading emails with a payroll coordinator to fix inaccurate or unfinished documentation. With everything already organized and ready to go, Fuselier has one less thing to worry about.

Easier Onboarding and Timecards With the iOS App

Wrapbook’s digital-first solution makes everything run smoother. With Wrapbook, crew can onboard and complete timecards from their smartphone and GGUSA can approve, edit, or decline with the click of a button. So crew gets paid on time, and production wraps faster.

Business Impact

Fuselier estimates that Wrapbook saves GGUSA two days on each and every wrap. That’s time—and money—that the company can put back into producing their next award-winning campaign.

The Future

Fuselier sees a bright future ahead for Great Guns USA, as the company continues to expand its reach in the United States and create compelling campaigns for top-tier clients. With Wrapbook to speed and streamline their payroll, there’s nothing standing in their way.

Abbott “Concussion Awareness Now” | Director: Oren Kaplan

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