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If there’s one thing Intuitive Content understands, it’s how to turn real life into a compelling story. For the better part of a decade, the company has produced award-winning documentary content on food, travel, and culture—connecting with audiences through series like Travel Channel’s Emmy-winning The Zimmern List and Bravo TV’s Beats + Bites.

Through their focus on human-centric storytelling, Intuitive has quickly earned itself a reputation as one of the top documentary production companies in the world. And their own story is just beginning.

For Dan Olson, Head of Business Affairs, and Nicole Walberg, Director of Production, the last few years have been focused on diversifying Intuitive’s programming and expanding beyond documentary programming.

“We’re staying busy and finding as many ways to tell stories as we possibly can.” - Olson

But while expanding their portfolio brought exciting new opportunities, it also amplified back-office inefficiencies—especially where payroll and production accounting were concerned.

“Whether you’re doing documentary production or narrative production, a lot of the payroll and accounting solutions out there aren’t really optimized for the day-to-day work we need to do to make shows happen.” - Olson

To support the growth of the business, the Intuitive team knew they needed to start looking for ways to streamline operations, and bring their payroll and production accounting into the 21st century.

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The Problem

Managing a full production slate of reality and documentary programming is no easy task to begin with. Combine that with the challenge of shooting simultaneous projects all around the world, and Intuitive found that even simple tasks like startwork and timecards quickly became a major headache.

“Working remotely with people all over the world is great, but it makes managing things like Wage Theft Prevention, and state and federal taxes, difficult.” - Walberg

Intuitive’s legacy payroll solution required separate logins for each step of the onboarding and payroll process. Onboarding took place in one system, payroll in another, accounting in yet another. This meant that data constantly had to be moved between systems, a process that involved downloading and uploading files, or—worse—rekeying data manually—a process that’s both inefficient and error-prone.

“We’ve been cobbling together solutions for a while. But the volume of work we were doing was reaching a point where it really started to back up on us.” - Olson

This patchwork of systems was a headache for production and crew alike. To make matters worse, it was also expensive, meaning a large portion of Intuitive’s budget was being spent on payroll, rather than on their projects.

Why Wrapbook?

Intuitive Content needed a solution that could scale with its growing business. Something that could streamline its back-office processes and support its ever-expanding slate of projects. That’s when they found Wrapbook.

Wrapbook’s all-in-one solution centralized onboarding, payroll, and accounting in a single, easy system, transforming Intutive’s workflow on and off set.

“Doing everything online, in one portal for all our shows, is not only easier for us in production but also for our crew members.” - Walberg

The Solution

By eliminating multiple logins and disconnected systems, Wrapbook sped up Intutive’s workflow and cut down on miscommunications between departments. For the first time, the Intuitive team could track onboarding status across multiple projects in real time. They could generate detailed, customizable reports instantly. And—importantly for Intuitive—they could do all of it while keeping their accountant in perfect sync with the rest of the team.

Because Wrapbook keeps data synchronized across departments, payment data collected during onboarding synced with payroll automatically, reducing errors and speeding up workflows.

On the accounting side, Wrapbook fit into their existing ecosystem of accounting tools, they didn’t have to completely change the tools and processes they used in order to incorporate it into their workflow.

“It was important to us to not upend our accountant’s world and make her job more difficult in service of making ours easier.” - Olson

Going forward, Intuitive is excited to streamline their accounting even further, by using Wrapbook’s integrated cost tracking tools to manage all their costs—payroll, purchase orders, and petty cash—in one place.

At the end of the day, Intuitive’s decision to switch to Wrapbook wasn’t about any one feature; it was about finding a solution that could grow alongside them. And in Wrapbook, they found a true payroll partner.

“We’d taken a lot of meetings with a lot of other accounting and payroll companies. You could tell that a company our size was an afterthought to most of them, and we did not feel that way with Wrapbook. We felt like you truly valued us as a client.” - Olson

Business Impact

Making the switch to Wrapbook sped up and simplified the way Intuitive managed its projects. This simplified workflow isn’t just easier on their team; it also saves them time. With data stored and organized in a single system, the Intuitive team spends less time on paperwork and data entry and more time on what matters: creating award-winning content and growing their business.

“Wrapbook has made my workflow infinitely easier. I’m not sending PDFs then chasing them down to fully execute, and then having to store them somewhere else. Having that entirely eliminated saves so much time.” - Walberg

The Future

In Wrapbook, Intuitive Content found a true partnership that could support its needs both now and into the future. As Intuitive grows, Wrapbook’s customer-centric approach will ensure Intuitive continues to have the tools they need to grow alongside them—no matter where their story takes them next.

“If you’re looking for a company that can grow alongside you, that’s willing to listen and is willing to be available to you and hear your concerns, and help you iterate and ideate on solutions for your business. Wrapbook’s the right shop. I don’t know if there’s any shop that has a more personal touch.” - Olson
Shooting “Big Food Truck Tip” with Emmy-winner Andrew Zimmern

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