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Open Range was tired of wasting time on payroll.


Matt Little is Head of Production at Open Range, a full-service commercial production company based in Los Angeles, New York, and Portland. 

Open Range services Film and Print Production, Creative Services & Strategy, Art Buying, Media and PR events, and Post Production among its many services. The company’s clients, which range from industries such as sports & lifestyle to entertainment, fashion, and technology, include Nike, Fendi, Rivian, and Google to name a few.

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The Problem

Before California passed the AB5 legislation, payroll rules were different. During a project or shoot, all you had to do was 1099 the workers, and that was that.

But now things have changed.

Because Open Range collaborates with an ever-growing number of creatives and technicians, the team is constantly parsing out contractors from employees.

With California’s recent employee classification updates, it’s become even more important to correctly identify each worker—not to mention fill out the appropriate paperwork.

Payroll became a significant part of Matt’s work. Open Range now needed a way to ensure employee compliance without wasting too much time on it.

“The biggest thing with us was ease of use with Wrapbook. It’s convenient for us because we’re not spending all this time tracking people down."

The Solution

With Wrapbook’s production-specific payroll software, the Open Range team no longer has to worry about classifying or filing correctly. 

Wrapbook’s responsive tech team has implemented changes suggested by Matt to make its payroll software even more convenient to use.

More convenient still, Matt states that he’s gotten back 75% of the time once spent on payroll. Open Range has also saved on hiring people to handle their (once overwhelming) payroll paperwork.

"Anything that I can bring into my process as a producer that can save me time and money is something that I will 100% recommend and use...Wrapbook has done both of those things."

Simplified Compliance

With the new legislation, Open Range needed to ensure compliance at every angle. They found that possible with Wrapbook. Now, Matt can choose the correct classification and rest easy knowing every document will be filed correctly and compliantly. Little work or time needs to be spent on his end as tax filing responsibilities fall under Wrapbook's duties as an Employer of Record.

Project Dashboard Saves Time

Onboarding and payroll no longer have to be a time drain. Wrapbook notifies admins when startwork documents still need signing or timecards need to be filled out. With the project dashboard and custom notifications features, Open Range no longer had to waste time tracking people down for outstanding needs.

Business Impact

The Future

Open Range began in the print world and has since branched out to digital content -TV commercials and the like. Matt mentions that as the company continues to grow, he’s looking forward to tackling bigger projects such as narrative features, documentaries, and short films.

As the company expands, so will their payroll demands. And now, Open Range can rely on Wrapbook to handle those demands--- quickly, correctly, and conveniently, giving Matt and his colleagues the time and energy to keep their sights on more creative opportunities.

Running payroll all the time?

If you’re running multiple productions in a year or processing a large amount of payroll, reach out to our expert sales team to discuss alternative pricing options.

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