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SixTwentySix got 75% of their time back that was once spent on payroll.


Austin Barbera is a Partner and Executive Producer at SixTwentySix, a full-service production company based in Los Angeles that specializes in projects ranging from music videos to commercials to branded content and more. 

Since it launched five years ago, SixTwentySix has been busy with its diverse slate of projects. The team soon realized how much time they were spending on payroll.

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The Problem

Austin notes that the biggest source of frustration was having to deal with physical paperwork.

But even after Covid hit and SixTwentySix was forced to switch to a digital format, payroll was still a tiresome process on account of having to track down every crew member to make sure they filled out their timecards.

“Tracking down timecards from each crew member was a pain. And then having to print them, fill them out, and sign them was just tedious.”

The Solution

Though annoyed by them, Austin and the rest of SixTwentySix continued with their payroll methods because they weren’t aware of alternatives. That’s when a line producer told them about Wrapbook. When a second line producer brought up Wrapbook, that’s when Austin knew it was time to check it out.

The rest is history. SixTwentySix made the switch to Wrapbook and couldn’t be happier. Austin states that it’s been so easy to get their producers to use Wrapbook. Even the production teams that don’t necessarily like change are happy using Wrapbook because of how convenient and time-saving the platform is.

“Producers and production teams have enough on their plate...Wrapbook streamlines the payroll process. It’s a quicker process than your standard payroll company and the rates are very competitive.”

Digital Timecards to Catch Mistakes in Real-Time

SixTwentySix biggest headaches came from having to track down not only if someone filled out their timecard, but if they did it correctly. With Wrapbook's easy interface, crew can fill out digital timecards and SixTwentySix can approve, edit, or decline with a click of a button.

Dashboard View Saves Time

Seeing everything in one place allows busy commercial production companies like SixTwentySix to see what's outstanding and what's ready to go. This is useful in the onboarding process or right before running payroll and saved (and continues to save) Austin's team a ton of time.

Business Impact

The Future

SixTwentySix came from the music video world but has since broadened its horizons to include branded content and advertising projects. Austin notes that the company also has an eye to original content down the line whether that’s movies or TV as a long-term goal. 

With Wrapbook to simplify its payroll process and cut down on the time spent away from actual production, SixTwentySix is positioning itself to further build upon its success of the last five years to take on even more varied and ambitious projects as they look to the future. 

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