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Payroll that’s first on the call sheet.

On-demand film payroll, smart timecards, and real-time production accounting—film shoots run smoother with Wrapbook.

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Payroll and production accounting built for film.

Whether you’re on set or off, Wrapbook makes it effortless to onboard workers, collect timecards, pay crew, and monitor spend.

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Smartypants uses Wrapbook to make a difference.

See how production company, Smartypants, uses Wrapbook to make a difference.

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Finally, film payroll that just works.

Smart startwork, automated timecards, seamless production accounting. It’s film payroll the way it was always meant to be.

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An all-in-one system your crew will love

Everything your crew needs—all in one place. Our mobile app allows your team to complete startwork, submit timecards, and track payments from anywhere.

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Cost Tracking
Simplify your film payroll

Smart timecards, faster payments

With Wrapbook, you can run as much or as little payroll as you like. Approve timecards, select the ones you want to process, and pay your crew with a click—employees and contractors alike.

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Automate timecards

Real-time hours-to-gross

With automated overtime calculations, built-in SAG-AFTRA compatibility, and support for both union and non-union productions, you’ll never have to hand-break a timecard again.

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Track your spending

Your budget is ready for its close-up

Timecards, vendor payments, POs, payroll, and petty cash, submitted, reviewed, and posted in one place. With Wrapbook, you always have eyes on your spend.

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One platform for your whole team.

No more back-and-forth emailing. With Wrapbook, everyone’s always on the same page.

Real-life experts, at your service.

Find production insurance tailored to your film.

Our team of production insurance experts can help you find the right level of coverage for your film.

Adam Darragh
Senior Insurance Broker
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Optimize your film’s budget with production incentives.

Wrapbook’s experts can help you navigate the complex world of production incentives.

Ryan Broussard
Vice President, Production Incentives
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Production is hard enough. Payroll should be easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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