WRAPBOOK FOR Business managers

Seamless payroll, from backstage to the back office

Self-serve payroll on your schedule—no more waiting on a paymaster. With seamless onboarding, smart timecards, and payments on demand, Wrapbook is payroll built for touring.

Coast-to-Coast Compliance

With automatic timecard calculations, synchronized payroll data, and tax support across all 50 states, Wrapbook helps ensure your payroll stays compliant—no matter where the road takes you.

Real-Time Data

Wrapbook allows you to track expenditures in real time, with purchase orders and payroll all in one place. Payroll data syncs across the whole platform seamlessly, so your whole team is always on the same page.

Pay On Your Schedule

No more waiting on a paymaster. One click, and your payroll’s funded—just like that. Crew get paid via ACH in a couple days. Plus, your team can see their payment status and history 24/7, so they don’t have to keep asking where their check is.

Timecards Made Easy

Wrapbook’s mobile timecards make it easy for your crew to submit their hours, kit rentals, and other expenses from anywhere. Have crew submit themselves, or have a tour manager do it for them—either way, it’s easy and fast.

Payroll Built for Live Events

Take full advantage of all Wrapbook’s 100+ features. Here are a few of our customer’s favorites.

Digital Timecards

Crew members and producers can input hours worked directly. Compliant with SAG, and other union regulations.

Employee, Contractor, and Loan Out Payments

Crew members and producers can input hours worked directly.

Digital Onboarding

Employees enter their information online, agree to terms of your production and set their method of payment.

Custom Permissions

Add your line-producer, production accountant, or team member, and give them custom levels of control and access to your projects.

Digital Forms & Signatures

Banish all those bits of paper. Never sign or file another paper form.

Reports & Dashboard

Create reports on payroll, union pension and health, bank transactions, contractor payments, tax, and more.

Expense Management

Kit Fees, mileage, and expenses are all submitted and approved from the Wrapbook account.

Wrapbook Profile

Sign up once, use everywhere. Employees can onboard on their phone, tablet or computer and never do it again.

Email & Phone Support

Legendary customer support. Email, or call, and you’ll be connected directly to a real person.

See For Yourself

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a some of the most common questions we get about Wrapbook.

How long does it take to run payroll ?

Running payroll only takes a few seconds. Once you’ve approved timecards, just click to finalize the total, then click again to debit your bank account. Run as much or as little payroll as you like—anytime you want.

How will my team feel about a digital experience?

If they’re anything like our current customers, they’re gonna love it. With easy onboarding, profiles that follow workers from job to job, and the ability to track payment status right in the app, Wrapbook is the live-events industry’s most crew-friendly payroll service.

Does Wrapbook support multi-state tours?

Yes! Wrapbook is tax-ready for all 50 states. Wherever the road takes you, we’ll make sure your crew gets paid compliantly.

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