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with wrapbook for cast AND crew

Wrapbook was built to make life simpler for everyone on set. You work hard. Getting paid should be easy.

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crew have
to say...

“I love Wrapbook. Recently worked a project and they used Wrapbook. Very easy. Got paid weekly.”
“Having recently been an actor on a set that used Wrapbook, I can attest to the ease of use and efficiency in getting paid. Great system!”
“Our boss just processed the job and I must say it’s a game changer!!!

Such a smooth platform and so streamlined.”
“Very easy to use. Love how info remains stored. One stop shop."
“It is
the future.”

What’s in it for you?

Pay days with less delays

Track your payments on your dashboard from the beginning of processing to the moment they hit your account.

Faster, Smarter Timecards

Fill out your timecard on your phone in just a few minutes. Easily make edits on the fly.

Union-Ready, Worry-Free

Rest easy knowing that Wrapbook is compliant with union payments. IATSE, SAG-AFTRA, Teamsters, and DGA—we'll get you paid, correctly.

We remit union pension and health benefits from your paychecks when applicable.

Easy Digital Startwork

Sign all your paperwork in minutes with our simple mobile app.

As you move from job to job, so does your Wrapbook profile, making onboarding faster for your next project.

Plus, a team of production experts who’ve been in your shoes.

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