Commercial Payroll

Speed up commercial payroll from prep to wrap.

Get all the tools you need to hire, re-hire, and compliantly pay your commercial crew and cast—all in one efficient platform.

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It’s your whole production in one place. Onboarding, time tracking, insurance, and payroll—all at your fingertips.


No more waiting on a paymaster. Real-time data means you always know what’s happening with your payroll.


Automated startwork. Self-calculating timecards. All in one intuitive interface designed to fit your on-set workflow.

Digital done right for commercials.

Save time and money with a job-based platform built for commercial payroll.

A mobile phone displays the Wrapbook app for cast and crew.
Coordinate Your Commercial Crew

Connect Your Crew with Just One Login

Digital profiles and a dedicated mobile app allow your crew to complete startwork, submit timecards and track their payments all in one place. This makes it easy for you to approve, process, and even rehire commercial crew.

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Simplify Your Commercial Payroll

Faster Payments from Job to Job

What happens when automated commercial union pay calculations meet digital timecards? Fast approvals. Faster wrap.

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Automate crew Timecards

Real-Time Hours to Gross Commercial Payroll

Wrapbook automates the calculations for IATSE, Teamsters, and DGA against the AICP contracts. Once you assign union status to your commercial project, we automatically calculate wages and remit fringes and health plan contributions, saving you hours.

Support for Union and Non-Union Commercial Jobs

Track Your commercial Spend

Always Have Eyes on Your Budget

See how much your commercial job is spending every time you process payroll, with extensive production payment breakdowns and weekly payroll documents. Easily bring this data into your existing commercial accounting solution.

Export to Quickbooks, Hot Budget and Showbiz Budgeting

Trusted From Small to Large Commercial Houses

Here's what a few commercial producers have to say about how Wrapbook has impacted their productions.

“Automated calculations!? Yes!”

I love how I don't have to calculate any overtime. It's all built into the system. Just put the start and end times, and it does the rest for you. 

Emily P.
“It just makes sense.”

Ease of use getting set-up, on both sides is best in class. Not to mention my experience with the customer service and on-boarding team has been second to none. They are personable, knowledgeable and available.

Nicholas B.
“Crew love it”

My crew is mainly short term freelancers, so the amount of time I spend setting them up with other payroll systems is a real burden. Wrapbook makes it quick and easy to set up new contractors, keep projects separate, and run payroll, whether it's by invoice or by time.

Ellis R.
Head of Production
“Intuitive and useful”

The best part about Wrapbook, to me, is just how intuitive and easy to use it all is.

Matty Lynn B.
Head of Production

Wrapbook is a Proud Member of
Association of Independent Commercial Producers

The Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) represents, exclusively, the interests of independent companies that specialize in the production and post production of commercials in various media-film, video, digital-for advertisers and agencies.

Securing and running a commercial job is enough. Make payroll an afterthought.

Get pricing details and a personal demo of the platform built for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a some of the most common questions we get about Wrapbook.

How long does it take to run payroll ?

Running payroll only takes a few seconds. Once you’ve approved timecards, just click to finalize the total, then click again to debit your bank account. Run as much or as little payroll as you like—anytime you want.

How will my cast and crew feel about a digital experience?

If they’re anything like our current customers, they’re gonna love it. With easy onboarding, profiles that follow workers from job to job, and the ability to track payment status right in the app, Wrapbook is the industry’s most cast-and-crew-friendly payroll service.

Can Wrapbook pay loan-out companies?

Yes! With Wrapbook, you can pay employees, loan-outs, and contractors.

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