Automated Solution for EOR Film Payroll

Film payroll, minus the friction.

Simple startwork. Automated timecard calculations. One easy-to-use system. Wrapbook makes paying cast and crew effortless, so you can stop chasing paperwork and get back to chasing the perfect shot.

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It’s your whole production in one place. Onboarding, time tracking, insurance, and payroll—all at your fingertips.


No more waiting on a paymaster. Real-time data means you always know what’s happening with your payroll.


Automated startwork. Self-calculating timecards. All in one intuitive interface designed to fit your on-set workflow.

Finally, film payroll that just works.

Fully-digital EOR payroll. No more paperwork. Pay your film crew with a click.

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An All-In-One System Your Crew Will Love.

Everything your crew needs—all in one place. Our mobile app allows your team to complete startwork, submit timecards, and track payments from anywhere. Less confusion means less strain on production.

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Simplify your film payroll

Faster Payments. Contractors Welcome.

With Wrapbook, you can run as much or as little payroll as you like. Approve timecards, select the ones you want to process, and pay your crew with a click—employees and contractors.

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Automate Timecards

Real-Time Hours-to-Gross

Wrapbook takes the headaches out of timecards—for both union and non-union productions. With automated overtime calculations, built-in SAG-AFTRA compatibility, and support for employees and contractors alike, you’ll never have to hand-break a timecard again.

Support for Union and Non-Union Jobs

Track Your Spend

Your Budget is Ready for Its Close-Up.

Extensive reports after each batch of payroll. Integration with your favorite cost-tracking software. With Wrapbook, you can see what’s happening with your budget in real time.

Export to Quickbooks, Hot Budget, and Showbiz Budgeting

Film shoots have better days with Wrapbook.

Contractors or employees. SAG-only or your whole crew. Wrapbook is the film payroll partner that helps you make your day. Here’s what a few of our customers have to say:

“Extremely happy.”

They handed the keys to us and I’ve never had another problem since. I’ve been recommending Wrapbook ever since I started using it.

David Alvarado
Producer, We Are as Gods
“Crew love it.”

I love the integration of I9s and W4s so that we have no physical paperwork to worry about on set.

Scott R.
Production Coordinator
“Elegantly designed.”

At this point, it would be hard to imagine going back to a more traditional payroll service. It’s really perfect for our needs and so great.

David Kerns
Executive Producer and COO, CollegeHumor
“Quicker process.”

Producers and production teams have enough on their plate...Wrapbook streamlines the payroll process.

Austin Barbera
Executive Producer, SixTwentySix

Film production is hard enough. Payroll should be easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a some of the most common questions we get about Wrapbook.

How long does it take to run payroll ?

Running payroll only takes a few seconds. Once you’ve approved timecards, just click to finalize the total, then click again to debit your bank account. Run as much or as little payroll as you like—anytime you want.

How will my cast and crew feel about a digital experience?

If they’re anything like our current customers, they’re gonna love it. With easy onboarding, profiles that follow workers from job to job, and the ability to track payment status right in the app, Wrapbook is the industry’s most cast-and-crew-friendly payroll service.

Can Wrapbook pay loan-out companies?

Yes! With Wrapbook, you can pay employees, loan-outs, and contractors.

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