Live EventS & TOURS Payroll

Entertainment payroll without the noise.

Meet Wrapbook, the most flexible payroll solution for tours, live events, and venues. Wrapbook puts everyone in one system—talent, crew, tour managers, and business managers—so paying your crew is easy, on or off the road.


It’s your whole production in one place. Onboarding, time tracking, insurance, and payroll—all at your fingertips.


No more waiting on a paymaster. Real-time data means you always know what’s happening with your payroll.


Automated startwork. Self-calculating timecards. All in one intuitive interface designed to fit your events workflow.

Live-event payroll for life on the road.

Fully-digital EOR payroll. No more paperwork. Pay everyone with a click.

Invite Your Event Crew

The fastest, easiest way to onboard your crew.

Our mobile app allows your team to complete startwork anywhere—from backstage to the back office. And with worker profiles that follow your crew from job to job, you’ll never have to onboard the same person twice.

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Simplify your Live Event & Tour payroll

Faster Payments. Flexible Time Entry.

Wrapbook takes the hassle out of timecards—crew can submit their own, or a tour manager can do it for them. When you’re ready, pay everyone with a single click. That’s it. Really.

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Keep Eyes On Your Budget

Real-Time Fringe Calcs

Wrapbook takes the surprises out of Employer-of-Record payroll. Set hourly or daily rates, then see all your payroll taxes and workers’ comp fees up front, on demand. Wrapbook puts you in control of your payroll, so you always know your bottom line.

Live events are tough.
Payroll should be easy.

Get pricing details and a personal demo of the payroll platform built for live events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a some of the most common questions we get about Wrapbook.

How long does it take to run payroll ?

Running payroll only takes a few seconds. Once you’ve approved timecards, just click to finalize the total, then click again to debit your bank account. Run as much or as little payroll as you like—anytime you want.

How will my cast and crew feel about a digital experience?

If they’re anything like our current customers, they’re gonna love it. With easy onboarding, profiles that follow workers from job to job, and the ability to track payment status right in the app, Wrapbook is the live-events industry’s most crew-friendly payroll service.

Does Wrapbook support multi-state tours?

Yes! Wrapbook is tax-ready for all 50 states. Wherever the road takes you, we’ll make sure your crew gets paid compliantly.

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