April 20, 2023

Celebrating Wrapbook Clients at the Ad Age A-List Awards

Loring Weisenberger
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The annual Ad Age A-List Awards are among the most coveted prizes in marketing and media. They honor the best agencies, innovators, and creative work that the advertising industry has to offer. 

The editorial staff selects the roster of A-List awardees at Ad Age from among hundreds of submissions. They look at each shop’s creative acumen, financial performance, culture, and other factors. They seek agencies that break boundaries and stand out from the crowd.

This year, several A-List nominees and awardees happen to work with Wrapbook, and we want to celebrate their outstanding work.

Ad Age “A-List” companies

At the Ad Age Awards, the “A-List” highlights the best of the best among creative agencies. Awardees are named in a variety of categories, and ad agencies of any size are free to apply. 

There is no single path to being recognized on the A-List. Each agency creates value through its own uniquely developed method. What unites them is the ability to stand apart. 

Wrapbook is proud to count the following Ad Age A-List Award-winners among its clients. Each of these organizations has found a way to pave their own path, and we’re honored to support them in their journey. 

The following list is presented in no particular order.


A full-service commercial production company with 20 years in the industry, SMUGGLER is a regular contender at the Ad Age Awards. They’re the force behind some of our favorite Super Bowl spots, music videos, and even theatrical experiences.

Celebrating Wrapbook Clients at the Ad Age A-List Awards - Wrapbook - Smuggler
How did SMUGGLER streamline production payroll with Wrapbook? Read this post to find out.

This year, SMUGGLER nabbed the Number 2 spot on the prestigious A-List. Ad Age notes that SMUGGLER

“... Balanced standout work from established directors while bringing exciting new talent into the fold.”

This combination of experience and boldness continues to propel SMUGGLER to new heights. You can see more from SMUGGLER by clicking here or following them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  


Division7 describes itself as:

“A boutique production company deeply embedded in the worlds of, commercials, music videos, film, TV, and experiential.”

In other words, Division7 does it all and, according to Ad Age, they’re really good at it.

Division7 has only been around since 2018, but this is already their third appearance on the A-List.  Ad Age cites Division7’s “outstanding array of storytelling” as a key factor behind their success. From Super Bowl ads for Google to short films worthy of Cannes, Division7 produces wide-ranging, hard-hitting, and visually stunning stories that simply cannot be denied.

For more from Division7, check out some of their recent work or give them a follow on Instagram

M ssng P eces

M ssng P eces is a

“... New wave production and entertainment partner for content and immersive experiences that inspire culture.”

They took the Number 3 spot on this year’s Ad Age Production Company A-List by pushing technical boundaries and exploring the cutting edge of media culture.  

In an age of constantly evolving mediums, M ssng P eces specializes in meeting fresh demands with innovative content and immersive experiences. 

In 2022, M ssng P eces launched the first Super Bowl spot in the metaverse for Miller Lite, conjured an AI-powered immersive reveal event for the Cadillac Celestiq, and produced a diverse array of high-quality original content.

Check out more work from M ssng P eces here or see what they’re up to on Instagram.


Somesuch was founded in 2010 “on a wing and a prayer. And a credit card.” Today, they’re an Oscar, BAFTA, and VMA award-winning production company. Their secret sauce blends a diversity of vision with an eye for cinematic craftsmanship. 

Just check out how Somesuch describes its creative culture:

“We dwell on the margins, and work between the cracks – in the space between advertising, film, fashion and music.”

While some might call that a niche, the experts at Ad Age call it a recipe for success. This year’s appearance marks the seventh year in a row that Somesuch has been recognized on the Ad Age production company A-List.

Whatever Somesuch does next, you don’t want to miss it. Stay tuned to their website or Instagram to keep up to date. 

Other A-List shoutouts

So many others, whether Wrapbook clients or not, are knocking it out of the park on this year’s Ad Age A-List. Every agency recognized by Ad Age is turning in next-level work, and we want to acknowledge a few more A-Listers before we move on.

MJZ made the list at Number 10 through an introspective and community-centric approach. 

Superprime Films took the Number 9 spot by combining intimate visions and big-name talent. 

Iconoclast landed at Number 5 by tapping into 2022’s key cultural moments. 

Biscuit Filmworks came in at Number 4 with surreal comedy and social consciousness. 

And Unit 9 surged into the Number 1 spot on this year’s Ad Age A-List by delivering “the never-been-done experience” to brand partners and audiences alike. 

Wrapbook salutes the above companies and all others on this year’s A-List for their hard work, creativity, and dedication to culture. 

Ad Age “Standout” Companies

Since the A-List is limited to 10 outstanding agencies, Ad Age created the “Standout” category to recognize organizations who are considered to have “strong shops with a lot of potential.” 

As with the A-List entries above, the following list of Ad Age Standout production companies is presented in no particular order. 

Arts & Sciences

Arts & Sciences takes its name from The Academy of Arts and Sciences, an 18th century research organization founded by John Hancock, John Adams, and John Bowdoin. 

More than a name, however, the Academy inspired the culture of Arts & Sciences… with a few key differences.

Here’s how folks at Arts & Sciences explain the relationship:

“We do not wear wigs, we do not eat mutton, but we do aim to take up wild, difficult, culturally relevant tasks with their same unmasked enthusiasm.”

Of course, the proof is in the pudding, and this past year’s pudding proved that Arts & Sciences is living up to its inspiration. In naming them a 2023 Standout Production Company, Ad Age specifically notes that Arts & Sciences

“... Tied much of its 2022 work to cultural conversations and social responsibility.” 

Check out more from Arts & Sciences here or follow them on Instagram

Object & Animal

Object & Animal is a creative studio representing a diverse collective of directors, photographers, and other creatives. They produce both independent projects and commercial work for agencies and clients around the world. 

As a Standout on Ad Age’s Production Company A-List this year, Objects & Animals leveraged the idiosyncrasy of their talent roster to craft uniquely powerful stories and experiences. With heavy-hitters like Karim Huu Do and FKA Twigs on the team, it’s easy to see what makes Object & Animal a company to watch.

For more from Object & Animal, visit their website or keep an eye on their Instagram


Sanctuary was named Ad Age’s Production Company to Watch back in 2021. Their ascent continues with this year’s recognition as a Standout on Ad Age’s Production Company A-List. 

Ad Age notes Sanctuary’s diverse roster and willingness to dive into highly topical issues as the engines driving their success. They cite a campaign for Dove and Ogilvy as a prime example. 

Newcomer Aisha Ford helmed the campaign and highlights the alarmingly early age at which Black girls experience hair discrimination. While the campaign was based on research from Dove, Ford  added her personal experience to the project. Through her vision, Sanctuary produced an intimate portrait of a systemic issue.

You can keep tabs on Sanctuary via their website and by following them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn

Other Standout shoutouts

As with A-List awardees, the pool of Ad Age Standouts is brimming with world-class talent whether Wrapbook clients or not.

Anonymous Content was named a Standout for its “delightful” work that inhabited 2022’s major cultural moments.

Caviar was recognized as a Standout for crafting big moments that stirred major buzz. 

Hungry Man made it onto the 2023 Standouts list for capturing cultural attention that balanced impact with entertainment.

O Positive received the Standout honor for leveraging its sense of humor in tumultuous times. 

Imperial Woodpecker entered the Standouts list by transporting audiences to new worlds with cinematic spectacle.

And Park Pictures displayed impeccable craft across a wide range of work to clinch its spot as a Standout on Ad Age’s 2023 Production Company A-List.  

Wrapping Up

Every year, the Ad Age A-List Awards crowns the top talent in media and marketing. This year, Wrapbook is honored to witness the success of so many clients and thrilled to support them as that success continues. Excited to see what the rest of this year brings!

Last Updated 
April 20, 2023


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