August 19, 2020

The 50 Best Filmmaking Subreddits of 2024

Anna Keizer
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One of the keys to a successful career in film is building your professional network, which can make Reddit a valuable resource for filmmakers.

But with Facebook groups, Instagram stories, and Twitter threads, does anyone really need to subscribe to r/Filmmakers or any of the other film-centric subreddits that can swallow up precious time?

Here’s what’s great about Reddit. For one, it allows for many forms of communication, including asking questions, requesting feedback, posting projects and of course linking to other online articles or videos. Secondly, it gives Redditors the opportunity to find or form subreddits specific to their filmmaking needs.

So while r/Filmmakers might do the trick for some, it is far from the only subreddit available to those in the industry. What follows is a breakdown of several dozen subreddits according to specialty and film interest that can prove useful for novice and veteran filmmakers alike.

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A quick disclaimer about subreddits

With each subreddit description comes an assessment of the engagement on the page, which is based on a combination of post frequency and comment volume. For those described as low engagement, we encourage you to not write off these subreddits! Not all posts necessitate responses. Also, even if a few weeks or months go by between posts, you never know what you might find useful regardless of the post date. With that being said…

The best general filmmaking subreddits

Let’s start with the basics. Whether you’re fresh out of film school or several years into your career, this group of subreddits provides a broad offering of topics related to filmmaking.

  • r/IntroToFilmmaking: As the name implies, this subreddit is geared primarily towards those new to the craft. So if you’re looking for how to become a movie director on Reddit, this can be a helpful space. It contains a variety of posts on various aspects of the craft but generally has low engagement.
  • r/Filmmakers: If you’re further along in your filmmaking career and/or you’re interested in subscribing to only a few subreddits, r/Filmmakers is one to have on your list. While it also contains a variety of posts, they’re typically intended for a more veteran audience. For filmmakers on Reddit, you’ll also be happy to learn that r/Filmmakers has more robust engagement.
  • r/VideoProfessionals: Though not exclusively for filmmakers on Reddit, this subreddit can be useful for those who split their professional responsibilities between film and other visual media. Lots of questions are the norm, and some of them are specific and/or aimed at advanced professionals, but it has great engagement.
  • r/indiefilmmaking: If you’re already subscribed to r/Filmmakers, why add this indie filmmaking Reddit page to the list? Well, if you have a project you’d like to share, this is the place to do it. Film posts—whether to encourage feedback or just to publicize—are common here, but there is little engagement.
  • r/filmriot: This subreddit greatly resembles in content that of r/IntroToFilmmaking but with minimally better engagement.
  • r/DIYFilmmaking: A filmmaker on Reddit who’s looking for ways to stretch their budget might just find what they’re looking for in r/DIYFilmmaking. This subreddit contains equal parts tips and questions related to filmmaking. Moderate engagement.
  • r/ZeroBudgetFilm: It sounds similar to the subreddit mentioned above, but what sets this one apart is the number of examples given on how to do low-budget filmmaking, which can be incredibly useful for a filmmaker and in particular for an emerging film director on Reddit. Minimal engagement.
  • r/Shortfilms: Many filmmakers begin their careers with film shorts. If this applies to you, check out this subreddit, which is a great space to post your project for feedback or just clicks. As with r/indiefilmmaking, which contains similar content, it has low engagement.

The best producing subreddits

Reddit for filmmakers doesn’t just mean spaces where creatives can learn how to make a movie. It also provides subreddits for those interested in what is getting made, who is collaborating together and how much revenue is getting generated from those collaborations. All three of these elements of the film business can be particularly useful to producers.

Though the title of producer can cover a wide variety of responsibilities, making r/Filmmakers a useful subreddit to subscribe to, the following subreddits can likewise be beneficial for those who want to be more attuned to the business side of the industry.

  • r/producing: We all have to start somewhere, and this subreddit can be great for the producer or filmmaker on Reddit who’s just beginning their career. Lots of questions are posted within this particular space, though it has minimal engagement.
  • r/boxoffice: Knowing how well or poorly a film is performing can be immensely helpful for the producer who may be pitching a similar project. Same goes for knowing who is attached to films in development. This subreddit covers both with high engagement.
  • r/entertainment: Like r/Filmmakers, the r/entertainment subreddit is one of the more popular spaces for those working in this business. It also provides for general industry news and likewise has high engagement.
  • r/movies: Whether you’re a movie fan, industry exec or film producer, anyone who’s coming to Reddit for movies should come to this subreddit. With one of the highest engagements of any subreddit covered here, this space truly shows the pulse of the entertainment industry. With posts that articulate sometimes love and sometimes hate for films new and old, this subreddit is a must for anyone aiming to learn more about what film audiences want.
  • r/movienews: It can also help to know what’s being said around Hollywood, making r/movienews a good subreddit to follow for anecdotal news. Especially in comparison to r/movies, however, it has low engagement.

The best cinematography subreddits

The term filmmaker is a broad one, and likewise Reddit for filmmakers can encompass a great many specialties. In particular, cinematographers or those interested in cinematography can pick from among several subreddits that provide more in-depth posts and discussions that go beyond the scope of r/Filmmakers.

  • r/cinematography: A very broad subreddit for cinematographers. Like r/Filmmakers, it contains everything from beginner questions to advanced discussions to project plugs and has moderate engagement.
  • r/16mm: As the name indicates, this subreddit focuses on this medium with some detailed questions and discussions. Generally has low to moderate engagement.
  • r/videography: Filmmakers on Reddit can use this particular space to explore all the many ways the video medium is used, including but not exclusive to film. Reddit for videography professionals and amateurs alike offers a range of both questions and discussions. Moderate engagement.
  • r/Cameras: Reddit for videography entails not only the creative but also the technical, including discussions on the cameras needed for it. Looking for the best camera for filmmaking on Reddit? This is the place to go. Again, moderate engagement.
  • r/photography: Professionals on Reddit for videography might also want to check out r/photography. Though it deals primarily in still imagery, the space allows for broad discussion on all things visual. And if you’re coming to Reddit for freelance photography information, this can be a beneficial subreddit for it. Of all the subreddits that may be of interest in particular to cinematographers, this one has the highest engagement.

The best screenwriting subreddits

Another film specialty that gets plenty of Reddit love is screenwriting. Whether you consider yourself strictly a writer or include it in a bigger hyphenate, the following spaces can help filmmakers on Reddit to hone their craft.

  • r/Screenwriting: Like r/Filmmakers or r/movies, this subreddit is a catchall space that includes everything from beginner questions to script feedback requests to article shares. The most robust of the writing-related subreddits, it has high engagement.
  • r/scriptwriting: Subscribing to more than one writing subreddit can offer more chances to find a great article or partake in a useful discussion on the craft of writing. Think of this space as a complementary one to r/Screenwriting with less engagement.
  • r/writing: As any filmmaker on Reddit likely knows, screenwriting is a specific craft with formatting and storytelling rules all its own. That being said, this general writing subreddit is a great space to put up questions about universal writing issues. Moderate engagement.
  • r/writers: Much like the subreddit above, this space is a supportive one for bringing up craft questions or diving into lively discussions about writing. Moderate engagement.

The best pre-production subreddits

Before you lock down that perfect photo studio rental or post a listing on a casting site, a ton of pre-production work needs to be completed. Luckily, Reddit has some dedicated communities for these activities.

  • r/Storyboarding: This space is geared primarily towards those in the beginning stages of their careers, but it has moderate engagement.
  • r/productiondesign: In contrast, this space for production designers is more suitable for those further along in their careers. You’ll find examples of posters’ work, as well as some questions. Also enjoys moderate engagement.
  • r/fieldrecording: More so than any other subreddit we’ve covered so far, this space is definitely for those with a sound grasp of the more technical elements of this specialty. Filmmakers on Reddit will find both questions and discussions surrounding these elements with moderate engagement.
  • r/LocationSound: Another space for filmmakers who focus on location sound. Though similar in content to r/fieldrecording, this subreddit seems to have slightly higher engagement.

The best post-production subreddits

Even the most modest film productions require the expertise and collaboration of many individuals from the development stage all the way to the completion of post-production, and Reddit has those specialties covered, too!

  • r/editing: If you’re searching for a subreddit for editors, this is one of several options, especially if you’re in the beginning stages of your career. This space has moderate engagement.
  • r/VideoEditing: This subreddit offers broader content that can appeal to both beginner and veteran editors. One reason to subscribe to r/VideoEditing is for the many tutorials posted on it, which can be helpful regardless of craft proficiency. However, it generally has low engagement.
  • r/editors: A third option for filmmakers on Reddit who specialize in editing is this space, which is geared towards professionals with more than just a basic understanding of the craft. Moderate engagement.
  • r/sounddesign: Another subreddit for post-production professionals, this space too includes questions and discussions for those that have a firm grasp on this particular specialty. Moderate engagement.
  • r/audioengineering: Though there’s some overlap between this space and r/sounddesign, this subreddit contains more discussions and questions of a technical nature. It also has higher engagement.
  • r/colorists: The fact that there is a space for a craft as specialized as color correction demonstrates just how important Reddit is for filmmakers. As with several of the other post-productions subreddits, this community is generally made up of individuals who are well into their careers. This space contains many tech questions and discussions with moderate engagement.
  • r/vfx: Similar to r/Filmmakers, this subreddit covers the spectrum from beginner questions to advanced discussions. Moderate engagement. Individuals on Reddit for videography may also be interested in subscribing to this space, as some discussions contain topic crossover.
  • r/AfterEffects: Another subreddit that focuses on a highly technical specialty. Very similar to spaces like r/Filmmakers and r/vfx, it offers up a mix of questions and discussions. High engagement.
  • r/animation: The last of the specialty subreddits, this one contains numerous project-sharing posts. Many questions as well. It’s also another space that those on Reddit for videography may want to explore. Moderate engagement.

The best diversity in film subreddits

Though long overdue, recent years have brought greater awareness of inclusion in the film industry. Filmmakers on Reddit who are looking to strengthen this aspect of the film community or deepen their knowledge of it may want to take a look at the following spaces, which happen to be some of the best unknown subreddits.

  • r/WomenInFilm: What’s encouraging about this subreddit is the sheer number of articles posted about women in the industry. So far, though, it has little engagement.
  • r/POCEntertainment: Very much like r/WomenInFilm, this subreddit puts a spotlight on persons of color in the industry. At the moment, it too has little engagement, though with room to grow.
  • r/RepinItMedia: What is particularly interesting about this subreddit is that it appears to be driven solely by the efforts of one person. They currently post many compelling questions regarding LGTBQIA+ issues in the industry, but this space also has low engagement.

The best film fan subreddits

Filmmakers on Reddit might be industry professionals, but they’re also film fans! And Reddit has many spaces for them to indulge that movie love.

  • r/Moviesinthemaking: What’s interesting about this particular subreddit is that it offers a movie fan’s version of r/Filmmakers with pictures of the filmmaking process for movies both classic and contemporary. It also enjoys moderately high engagement.
  • r/TheMakingOf: This sister subreddit to r/Moviesinthemaking provides very similar content with less engagement.
  • r/MovieDetails: Filmmakers on Reddit should not pass up the opportunity to subscribe to r/MovieDetails. With one of the highest engagement rates across all of the spaces mentioned so far, this subreddit explores the many details—and occasional mistakes—often overlooked in films. This space can also be beneficial for those following r/Filmmakers, as it provides a look at what can go right or very wrong depending on the nature of those details.
  • r/TrueFilm: This subreddit with high engagement makes a point of noting its focus on more intellectual film discussions, which may appeal to many filmmakers on Reddit.
  • r/MovieSuggestions: Another subreddit that enjoys high engagement. It’s an even mix of film recommendations and requests that even the most serious cinephile can find helpful in finding a new flick to enjoy.
  • r/FIlm: Don’t mind the odd stylization of its name… This subreddit contains many posts to stimulate discussion, but at the moment has low engagement.
  • r/flicks: Now here’s a subreddit for the would-be film critic who wants to share their opinions with filmmakers on Reddit. This space contains many reviews and a sprinkling of questions with moderate engagement.
  • r/filmtheory: As Reddit demonstrates, film can be approached from many angles. Some filmmakers on Reddit may gravitate towards r/Filmmakers for its hands-on instruction and assistance, while others might prefer r/filmtheory for its more cerebral approach to cinema, namely its relationship to society. Low engagement.
  • r/fullmoviesonyoutube: With the many platforms available to film fans across the globe, it’s hard to believe that some movies are still difficult to find online. Enter r/fullmoviesonyoutube. This subreddit is nearly all film posts directing followers on where to click to find a particular movie on YouTube. Moderate engagement.
  • r/LegalMovieStreaming: Here’s another space to help filmmakers on Reddit locate legally streamable movies. Full of posts on where to find films of all kinds. Low engagement.
  • r/Documentaries: The film world often focuses on fictional narratives, but the demand for documentaries has seen massive growth over the last several years. A space like r/Filmmakers can be helpful for documentary filmmakers on Reddit, but this space has merit, too, as a subreddit where creatives can post their work or links to other docs. Moderate engagement.
  • r/dvdcollection: Last but certainly not least, we have r/dvdcollection. Though the world is continually moving towards streamed entertainment, many people simply love physical media, filmmakers on Reddit included. This is the space for those DVD enthusiasts to show off their finds, and it enjoys moderate engagement.

Wrapping up

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