July 1, 2024

Best Production Accounting Software of 2024

Shaudi Bianca Vahdat
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As a production accountant, you've likely embraced digital tools, but maybe you're still searching for the perfect software that meets all your needs. 

Or perhaps you're holding on to a paper system and finally ready to make the leap to a paperless workflow, but need guidance on the best film production accounting software options available.

The landscape of production accounting software is constantly evolving, with increasingly sophisticated tools designed to streamline budgeting, payroll, financial reporting, and more. We’re here to guide you through the best production accounting software of 2024, so you can find the ideal solutions for your team.


With Wrapbook’s One Platform production accounting software, everything you need is at your fingertips with one login. 

Wrapbook optimizes your processes, handling everything from payroll and accounting to reporting and more.

Best Production Accounting Software of 2024 - Wrapbook - Onboarding Progress
Wrapbook’s accounting software for film production makes onboarding a breeze.  

Managing payroll and accounting solo or with a payroll accountant? Wrapbook's got you covered. Payroll and accounting are accessed from one login in one dashboard, eliminating the need to manage multiple platforms and worry about data getting from one place to another.

Wrapbook also streamlines onboarding for your cast and crew. No more chasing after signatures or wrangling paperwork. With Wrapbook, you can build custom startwork in seconds with powerful automation. Your team will love being able to submit paperwork and digital signatures directly from their phone or laptop. And you’ll have the power to store everything securely in one SOC 2-compliant platform.

Wrapbook’s production accounting software makes it easy to comply with industry standards and legal requirements, to save you any costly errors. 

With built-in union compliance, Wrapbook makes it easy to automatically pay members of SAG-AFTRA, DGA, IATSE, and more. Automated compliance means you’ll never have to stress about shifting union rules and regulations. Plus, Wrapbook offers in-house support from veterans of the major unions, guilds, and entertainment payroll providers.

Our goal to save our clients’ time and help ensure their payroll and production accounting accuracy continues. To that end, currently in development is Wrapbook’s powerful fringe mapping tool. This feature is essential for accurately tagging and reporting fringes, such as health insurance, retirement plans, taxes, and other compensations that are part of the total employee remuneration package. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to find out as soon as this tool becomes available!

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ABS (Alternative Business Services) 

Independent filmmakers in particular may want to check out ABS (Alternative Business Services) Payroll. While they have capacity to support larger projects, they specialize in projects in the two to 20 million dollar range. 

Because of the ABS team’s experience over the past 30-plus years with low-budget filmmakers, their film production accounting software will be able to offer the appropriate support and tools for your project’s needs.  


Cloud-based production accounting and payroll solutions are just the start of GreenSlate’s offerings. While all the software options on this list are paperless, GreenSlate has a particular emphasis on environmental consciousness

Their integrated budgeting, cost reporting, and payroll processing tools focus on sustainability and paper reduction. There’s even a built-in Eco Tracker where you can see how much you’re helping the environment by working on a digital platform. For example, the Eco Tracker can show you how many trees you’re saving in real time as you work. 


MediaWeb, which is a Cast & Crew company, includes robust digital asset management tools and integrates well with other industry-standard tools. 

MediaWeb is also a good choice for production accountants who may need help building out their full production accounting team. They have a roster of lead accountants, payroll accountants, assistants, and clerks who can be hired as a full team, one by one, or in any combination. 

With extra fees, they can also handle bill pay on your behalf through their partnership with City National Bank. 

ProBooks from Revolution

Known for its user-friendly interface, PreBooks from Revolution offers a paperless workflow with budgeting tools, cost tracking, and real-time financial reporting. 

In addition to ProBooks, Revolution offers digital tools like ProHire for crew onboarding, ProCal for production planning, and SetKeeper, their production coordination suite. 

If your team is at all wary of moving from paper to digital tools, ProBooks’ simple interface might be worth considering to help make the transition easier. 

PSL+ by Cast & Crew

PSL+ by Cast & Crew is accounting software for film production that offers features like advanced budgeting, cost tracking, and compliance tools. These are all designed to streamline financial management for productions.

Best Production Accounting Software of 2024 - Wrapbook - Paperwork
Ready to go paperless? The film production accounting software options on this list can help you move toward a fully digital workflow!

Its standout feature is its integration with CASHét. CASHét is “a Pcard that acts like a true credit card, providing a real-time online portal and expense reconciliation with digital cover sheets.” This can help streamline your production workflow and simplify how you pay vendors. 


Similar to ProBooks from Revolution, SmartAccounting is one of a suite of tools offered by Entertainment Partners. The production accounting software integrates well with other tools like SmartTime (timecards), SmartStart (paperless onboarding) and SmartHub (document management). 

Wrapping up

So there you have it! Your team has options when it comes to outstanding production accounting software that saves you time and sanity. 

If you’d like a personalized Wrapbook demo, please reach out anytime. Our experts would love to help you make a plan for your payroll, accounting, and more!

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July 1, 2024


At Wrapbook, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding free resources to producers and their crews, but this post is for informational purposes only as of the date above. The content on our website is not intended to provide and should not be relied on for legal, accounting, or tax advice.  You should consult with your own legal, accounting, or tax advisors to determine how this general information may apply to your specific circumstances.

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