January 10, 2024

Use This Nudity Rider Agreement for Your Next Intimate Scene

Tom Waddick
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It's time we had the talk. No, not that one—the talk about sex and nudity on set. Whether you are producing an indie feature, episodic television, or a racy commercial, sex and nudity has its place on screen. 

When it comes to capturing these scenes, having clear agreements in place is essential for the comfort and safety of everyone involved. That's where a nudity rider agreement comes into play.

But what is a nudity rider agreement and do you always need one? In this post, we will walk you through what a nudity rider agreement entails, why it's crucial, and when you need to implement it. Plus, we've got you covered with an actual nudity rider agreement template that you can download and use for your next production.

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Our nudity rider agreement has everything you need to clearly establish parameters of consent by outlining any nudity and/or simulated scenes in your next production. This sample agreement is your key to preventing misunderstandings, discomfort, and potential disputes by fostering a professional, secure, and respectful set.

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What is a nudity rider agreement?

If your next production involves nudity or simulated sex scenes, you might be asking, what is a nudity rider? Simply put, a nudity rider agreement is a contractual document that outlines the specifics of nudity and simulated sex scenes that will be depicted on camera. 

This agreement, sometimes known as a nudity clause or a nudity rider to player agreement, is the result of careful negotiation between producers, actors, and, often, their representatives. 

As an attachment to the performer’s contract, a nudity rider agreement offers the performer an opportunity to give written, meaningful consent for nudity and/or simulated scenes.

Crucial to protecting the safety and security of all those involved in the scene, a nudity rider agreement serves as a roadmap. The agreement goes beyond what's written in the script to provide detailed descriptions of nudity and/or simulated scenes, how they will be shot, and those individuals who will be present during the shoot. 

As a comprehensive document, it protects both the creative vision of the project and the well-being of the performers.

When do you need a nudity rider agreement?

The need for a nudity rider agreement arises whenever your project involves scenes of nudity or simulated sex scenes (actual sex acts, defined as genital contact without a physical barrier, are prohibited by the SAG-AFTRA contract). 

Whether it's a passionate love scene, a revealing moment, or an intimate exchange, having a clear agreement in place before you shoot is a non-negotiable aspect of professional filmmaking.

It's essential to start discussions about the nudity clause early in the pre-production phase. This allows for the creation of an agreement that aligns with the creative vision of the project while prioritizing the well-being of the performers.

Though the SAG-AFTRA Basic Agreement includes a section on nudity (section 43), it alone is not enough to cover performers and your production. If any performer is expected to engage in a simulated scene or be nude/partially nude on camera, you need a separate nudity rider agreement.

What should be included in a nudity rider agreement?

When drafting a nudity rider to player agreement, it might be daunting and even a bit embarrassing to decide what information to include and what language to use. Luckily our sample nudity rider agreement offers a great place to start crafting your own agreement.

A nudity rider agreement should include detailed written descriptions of any nudity and/or simulated scenes that a performer will engage in and how the performer will be depicted in the final picture. Language should err on the side of clean, clinical descriptions and avoid unnecessary colloquialisms. 

Your nudity clause should indicate: 

  • Whether the performer will be nude or partially nude 
  • Which body parts will be shown 
  • What modesty garments will be worn 
  • Which, if any, simulated sex acts will be depicted 
  • The page numbers of relevant scenes in the script. It’s a good idea (and industry standard) to attach the relevant script pages to the document

How to implement a nudity rider agreement?

Once you have a written nudity clause in hand, you’re well on your way toward establishing a professional, respectful, and secure environment for everyone on set. The next, and most important step, is understanding how to implement your nudity rider agreement on set.

Before the shoot

The producer should provide the nudity rider to the performer and get their signature at least 48 hours before call time, unless the role has been cast inside of that window, in which case the nudity rider to player agreement should be provided to the performer as soon as possible.

The nudity clause should include the name and contact details of a designated representative who can answer any questions the performer might ask about the agreement. 

Ideally, this representative will be the production’s intimacy coordinator, a role that is increasingly common in the industry and was officially included in the latest SAG-AFTRA contract. An intimacy coordinator can play a key role in facilitating discussions, ensuring consent, and creating a safe space for performers during intimate scenes.

Finally, it’s important to understand that even with a written and signed nudity rider agreement, a performer can verbally withdraw their consent prior to capturing footage. In this case, the producer is allowed to double the performance (digitally or with a body double) following the terms of the original nudity rider.

During the shoot

As production gets underway, it is the producer’s responsibility to advise the director and the line producer or unit production manager of the terms outlined in the nudity rider agreement. This way, they can ensure that the scene reflects the agreement and boundaries of consent are honored. 

The set should be closed to any nonessential personnel, be they cast, crew, executives, or other visitors. Monitors should be placed in a secure, private location and only viewed by essential members of the production‌ team.

It’s vital that producers also prohibit everyone on set from making any recordings on private devices like cell phones. The best practice is to prohibit all private devices from set during the shoot.

Finally, a cover-up should be provided to the performer for the entire time they are on set and not actively engaged in rehearsing or recording the given scene. Once again, the best practice is to appoint a crew member to be in charge of supplying the performer with the cover-up in between takes.

After wrap

Just because you’ve wrapped doesn’t mean you can forget about your nudity riders. As you enter the post-production and promotional phases of your project, the agreement still dictates you follow a couple of important rules. 

First, you may not double a performer, digitally or otherwise, to show them nude or engaging in a simulated scene unless the performer has already given their consent for such doubling and the terms of the nudity clause and basic agreement are followed. 

Second, no promotional material—stills or footage—can feature the performer nude unless the performer has given prior written consent and their consent must be in the nudity rider as an independent, explicit clause.

Wrapping up

In the world of filmmaking, navigating scenes with nudity or simulated acts requires careful consideration and clear communication. A nudity rider agreement is your go-to tool for guaranteeing that everyone involved feels respected, safe, and on the same page. 

Whether you use our nudity rider agreement template or work with a lawyer to craft your own, it is an essential document that will help make your next intimate scene a professionally handled and mutually agreed-upon success.

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January 10, 2024


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