November 17, 2023

Introducing Our New Podcast, “On Production”

The Wrapbook Team
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In production, staying ahead means constantly learning and adapting. That’s why Wrapbook is launching a brand-new podcast, "On Production.”

This isn’t just another industry talk show—it’s essential listening for production-industry workers who want to stay ahead of the curve. We’ll bring together top industry experts who will dive into their personal stories, share productivity hacks, and discuss the state—and future—of production. It's a space where wisdom, experience, and passion for the craft converge.

Real talk with real pros

Hosted by our very own Cameron Woodward, each episode is a deep dive into what it takes to make productions happen. We're talking real stories, real challenges, and real strategies to tackle whatever production throws your way.

And our guests represent some of the best in the business. Look out for upcoming episodes that will feature pros such as Miranda Bailey, Director/Producer/Co-Founder of The Film Arcade, and many more.

For the veterans and newbies alike

Whether you're a seasoned EP, a fledgling production accountant, a busy production coordinator, or anyone in between, "On Production" has something for everyone. It's a melting pot of experiences and tips that anyone in the industry can use.

Can’t-miss episodes

  • Inside the World of Labor Relations with Paul Schoeman: Get the lowdown on navigating labor relations like a pro.
  • The Impact of Film Commissions with Katie Pryor: Dive into how film commissions are reshaping the production landscape.
  • Producing Unscripted with Irad Eyal: Uncover the thrills and spills of unscripted content production.

More episodes right this way ->

Join the conversation

Ready to jump in? "On Production" is more than a podcast—it's a community. Tune in, get involved, and let's make awesome stuff happen together.

Listen to the podcast ->

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November 17, 2023


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