2024 has been a busy year for Wrapbook clients.

The work they produce continues to dominate the commercial game, and Wrapbook is proud to help them deliver high-caliber projects for some of the world's biggest brands.

In this month’s client spotlight, we’re featuring three new commercials from Somesuch, Riff Raff Films, and division7. So sit back, relax, and indulge in the latest pieces created by Wrapbook clients. 


For Palace x Gap

Kicking off our list is Somesuch’s love letter to San Francisco, streetwear, and skate culture. This spot commemorates the launch of a new line of apparel as part of Palace’s collaboration with Gap. Palace is a pioneer in streetwear and skate culture, and Gap is one of the most well-known apparel brands in the world.

The 90-second spot follows two young skaters sporting Palace x Gap apparel as they explore iconic San Francisco landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Pier 7. The commercial also features legendary skateboarder Karl Watson and current Palace skateboarder Jamal Smith, highlighting the importance of these pioneers and their contribution to the culture. 

Director Will Robson-Scott infuses VHS footage into the visual aesthetic, creating a feeling of nostalgia. The spot harks back to the 1990s when skateboarding and streetwear first broke into the cultural zeitgeist.

Riff Raff Films

For Levi’s

Second on the list is Riff Raff Films’ spot for Levi’s Live in Levi’s campaign. The commercial, “The Floor Is Yours,” opens with a group of friends bored out of their minds while watching TV.

But when the TV starts playing a song, they are compelled to jump up and dance to the beat. Sherrie Silver's kinetic choreography is the highlight as director Omar Jones masterfully combines it with VFX to create eye-catching moments bound to leave the audience spellbound.

Best of all, the song featured in the spot is an unreleased track from Kaytranda! So check out the commercial for a sneak peek of his upcoming album.


For McDonald's

The third and final entry to our list is division7’s digital spot for McDonald's.

“The Coolest Kid” commercial opens with someone walking through a high school corridor holding a McDonald’s bag. Students stare in envy as a narrator reaffirms how the person with McDonald’s is always the most popular person in school. Director Joshua Kissi then reveals that the person holding the bag is an older teacher.

The advert is only 15 seconds long, but the subtext conveys two important messages. First, using the McDonald’s app makes even high school teachers seem cool. Second, the app saves you time and money! 

Wrapping up

Our clients are the best in the business, and we’re always excited about what they will produce next. Join the ranks of Somesuch, Riff Raff, and division7 by using Wrapbook to supercharge your entertainment payroll and accounting. 

For producers interested in commercial production, Wrapbook has many forms and templates to help you get started. You can also visit our resource center for information on all things related to commercial production.

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April 18, 2024


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