February 7, 2024

Watch: Dress Code, Great Guns, and Ghost Robot

Loring Weisenberger
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Wrapbook clients push the boundaries of commercial production every single day. For these industry leaders, crafting cutting-edge work is just another day at the office. 

In this post, we’re showcasing a selection of stellar ads from Ghost Robot, Great Guns, and Dress Code NY, Inc. We’ll go deep into real-world climate solutions, journey through an animated beverage blast from the past, and use comedy to reject living miserably.

So sit down, strap in, and prepare yourself for three can’t-miss commercials from this month’s featured Wrapbook clients.

Dress Code NY, Inc.

For Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages

First up on this month’s list is an upbeat environmental explainer from Coca-Cola and Dress Code NY, Inc.

The spot’s centerpiece is a first-of-its-kind technology program called “Quadgeneration.” Installed at the Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages plant in Elmsford, New York, the Quadgeneration program derives its name through its ability to independently generate four distinct energy resources.

Using an on-site power plant fueled by natural gas, the plant creates its own electricity, heat, and cooling. Finally, Quadgeneration enables the plant to capture its own carbon dioxide and recycle it into the tiny bubbles that power your favorite soft drink. 

The Quadgeneration Plant is a striking demonstration of “the future of sustainable manufacturing and bottling,” but the underlying technology isn’t necessarily straightforward. Meeting the challenge, Director Ceci Fletcher weaves succinct voiceover with kinetic animation to transform raw knowledge into fast-paced entertainment. 

The result is a remarkably tight advertisement that manages to simultaneously explain and promote the plant’s groundbreaking innovations. 

Great Guns

For Campaign Against Living Miserably

Campaign Against Living Miserably (aka CALM) is a UK-based charity devoted to providing aid to those who find themselves struggling or in crisis. Their goal is to change the numbers around suicide and self-harm “by offering life-saving services, provoking national conversation, and bringing people together to reject living miserably.”

This spot from Great Guns announces the rise of Romesh Ranganathan as the new CALM Patron. Though CALM’s work revolves around inherently tough conversations, the commercial leavens its difficult subject matter with a stark sense of humor. 

Director Calum Macdiarmid contrasts the moody lighting of a Hollywood mystery with the no-nonsense reactions of the spot’s central performer. For instance, when Romesh discovers that he’s been tasked with raising a staggering £1 million, he doesn’t dramatically rise to the occasion. Instead, he simply swears in disbelief. 

The final commercial is a lighthearted, clever call to action. Click here to learn more about CALM (and please consider helping Romesh with his mission).

Ghost Robot

For Ancient Drinks

This ad from Ghost Robot invites viewers to reject modernity and embrace tradition with Ancient Drinks, “the elixirs of our ancestors.” Ancient Drinks brings the beverage back to basics by eschewing refined sugars and artificial sweeteners in favor of strictly organic ingredients.

The spot taps the directing talents of Marion Castéra and Kelzang Ravach to take viewers on a journey through time. Working together as Temple Caché, Castéra and Kelzang dig a kaleidoscopic tunnel back to the days before smartphones and “Summer Fridays” were a thing, when drinks were pure fuel that humans needed to survive.

The commercial is a masterclass in branding. While Ancient Drinks deliberately harkens to the past, the ad foregoes nostalgia in any form. Instead, it takes an aggressive approach that connects the product to the idea of life as an active sport. It’s a unique brand position befitting of Ancient Drinks’ equally unique tagline: “Yesterade to Slay Today”

Wrapping up

This list is just a fraction of a fraction of the award-winning work Wrapbook’s commercial production clients are concocting on a regular basis. As you can tell, we’re honored to serve companies of their caliber and can’t wait to see what they come up with next. 

If you’re planning your own commercial production, visit Wrapbook for all the free resources you need. You can dive into our guide to running commercial payroll, chat with a qualified expert, or watch our demo to discover the power of Wrapbook for yourself.

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February 7, 2024


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