March 13, 2024

Watch: Biscuit Filmworks, Hungry Man, and SMUGGLER

Shiv Rajagopal
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Here at Wrapbook, we’re proud to have some of the best clients in the commercial production business. In fact, our clients played a significant role in creating some of the most recognizable Big Game commercials last month.

You may have already seen our article detailing the best Big Game commercials of 2024. But as a bonus, we will highlight a few more advertisements from notable Wrapbook clients such as Biscuit Filmworks, Hungry Man, and SMUGGLER.

Biscuit Filmworks

For Pfizer

Kicking off this month’s list is Biscuit Filmworks’ commercial for Pfizer. 

Set to the tune of Queen’s timeless classic, “Don’t Stop Me Now,” this commercial highlights important scientific achievements throughout human history that have shaped the world as we know it.

This commercial is stunning from start to finish. It features paintings and busts of distinguished scientists who have made remarkable contributions to science and medicine. A combination of visual effects and animation brings life to these paintings and busts, creating a captivating visual experience. 

The commercial features the likes of Hippocrates, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Charles Pfizer, and many more singing along to the song's lyrics. The up-tempo song, coupled with rhythmic editing, creates a memorable advert that is bound to inspire a generation of young scientists. 

As they sing along, we jump through the years and arrive at the modern day where Pfizer is leading the charge in the fight against cancer. This commercial highlights the importance of previous medical contributions and touches on Pfizer’s current work as they try to “Outdo Yesterday.”

Hungry Man US


Hungry Man US was behind one of the more memorable celebrity-driven commercials from this year’s Big Game. 

BMW’s advertisement, featuring the iconic Christopher Walken, is a comedic riff on those who try to imitate the movie star’s unique charisma and dialogue delivery. The commercial follows Walken as he goes through a typical day, all while hearing strangers trying to speak to him in his voice. The constant stream of imitators slowly begins to get on his nerves as he can’t escape his superstardom.

The commercial ends with Walken sitting down at a restaurant where he encounters Usher (who performed at this year’s Big Game halftime show). In this moment, director Bryan Buckley chooses to break the fourth wall as Walken asks Usher if he has somewhere to be (referring to the musician's impending performance). For the audience – especially those watching live – this quick cameo creates a comical moment and builds anticipation for the halftime show. 

BMW concludes the commercial with an important statement: In a sea of imitators, there’s only one Christopher Walken, just like there is only one BMW. 



The E*TRADE babies are back! Once again, they played a key role in the advert for Morgan Stanley’s financial investment platform. 

SMUGGLER’s commercial depicts two babies facing off against adults in a game of pickleball, which has exploded in popularity over the past few years. 

The ad opens with babies losing a point to the adults. But they aren’t worried because with E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley, they are ready for anything. Once again, visual effects play a vital role in this commercial as the babies talk to each other about how E*TRADE can help people save for college or retirement. 

Director Randy Krallman masterfully uses subtext and comedy in this commercial to drive two key points home. First, pickleball, like E*TRADE, is for babies but really for adults. Second, using E*TRADE (and playing pickleball) is so easy that even a baby could do it. 

Wrapping up

The ads on this list are only a small sample of our award-winning clientele’s work in the commercial space. Check out our wrap-up of the best Big Game commercials from 2024 to see more of their work. 

For those working in commercial production, Wrapbook also has a variety of forms, checklists, and templates to get you started. You can also watch our demo to learn more on how to streamline and simplify your upcoming commercial project payroll needs.

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March 13, 2024


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