September 29, 2023

Watch: Voyager, Riff Raff Films, and Smuggler

Chris Cullari
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At Wrapbook, we pride ourselves on streamlining the payroll process for clients working in all kinds of production. Whether it’s commercials, feature films, documentaries, or music videos, we’ve partnered with some of the most successful and cutting edge producers in the world.

Today, we want to highlight the latest work created by our clients in the commercial space. From Voyager’s celebration of SEC country for Regions Bank, to Smuggler’s collaboration with Kathryn Bigelow and Ad Council, these spots represent the latest work from the best creatives in the world. 


For Regions Bank

As we head into football season, many brands find themselves incorporating consumer loyalty to local teams in order to create connections with their products. Regions Bank - based out of Birmingham, Alabama - has teamed with Wrapbook client Voyager to do just that.

Their new spot celebrates the SEC (Southeastern Conference), one of the major athletic conferences in the US. Keen fans will spot SEC references throughout (like The Grove and the Hotty Toddy cheer), drawing them in to the message that Regions Bank wants to celebrate their clients’ financial wins.

Riff Raff Films

For Top Golf

Get ready to have some fun with this sixty second party at Top Golf. Riff Raff’s high-energy spot turns a bevy of glove headed revelers loose on a Top Golf course to tee off until the sun comes up.  

What really stands out is the imaginative design work Riff Raff put in to bring the “golfers” to life.

These five fingered, Top Golf branded “heads” are used to express all the excitement and cheer any group of friends would experience on a Top Golf course. The fingers fingers don’t just wiggle in celebration of a great drive - these golfers use their heads to point, kiss, and even high five.

Give it a watch, and we’ll see ya on the green!


For Ad Council

We finish with a more serious piece from Smuggler’s for Ad Council and Veterans Affairs. Directed by Hurt Locker filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow, this thirty second cut of a longer campaign examines a difficult question for veterans. 

Are they as capable of asking for help as they are providing it to others?

With so many US veterans experiencing mental health crises, it’s an important question to explore. The spot immediately brings us close to the warm faces of American veterans as we hear someone ask them if they’ve ever helped a fellow veteran. 

The answer? Yes. Of course. But have they ever asked for help? The answers become much more complicated. 

By the end, the spot offers a message of hope and a reminder to all - “Don’t wait. Reach out.”

Wrapping Up

This is just a small sample of the work that our clients and partners create on a daily basis. Wrapbook is proud to help them spend less time on payroll and more time on the award-winning creative that keeps them at the top of the commercial heap. 

If you have questions about payroll, check out our Practical Guide to Payroll for Producers. Or, to learn more about how Wrapbook can help streamline your payroll, chat with an expert here.

Last Updated 
September 29, 2023


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About the author
Chris Cullari

Chris Cullari is a writer/director based out of Los Angeles. His most recent film, THE AVIARY, is available for streaming on Paramount Plus and Showtime. You can find him tweeting about monsters, pro-wrestling, and horror movies.

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