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Tuff overcame the big headache of paperwork with Wrapbook.


Max Rose and Djay Brawner are the founders of Tuff, an LA-based, commercial-forward production company that launched in 2018.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Rose and Brawner saw their most successful period over the last year, which also made it all the more apparent that their payroll system was not keeping pace with their growth and needs. 

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The Problem

Rose and Brawner realized a consistent hang up during their conversations---trying to pay out their crew and vendors was becoming an increasingly frustrating process, especially when mistakes were made and needed to be amended. Having to use Google Sheets to track the onboarding process wasted a ton of time. Nothing was in one place and catching mistakes with physical paperwork was challenging.

It was clear their current payroll system was no longer able to meet their needs.

They needed a solution to grow with them.

“Before Wrapbook, it was just a big headache to manage physical paperwork. With Wrapbook, everything related to payroll ends up in one place, which is so nice. For a small company, it eliminates a lot of extra steps."

The Solution

Tuff chose Wrapbook to streamline their payroll process and address these recurring issues—from making it easier for crew to get onboarded to quickly correcting paperwork mistakes to ensuring that they had all that paperwork secured in one place. They took advantage of smarter integrations and said goodbye to Google Sheets for managing their payroll needs. By doubling down on a solution that was actually unified, Tuff increased productivity and now can move onto projects faster than ever before.

"I really am that happy that we have Wrapbook because it just makes us that much better.”

Custom Notifications Dashboard for Single Source of Truth

Anything outstanding can be seen and taken care of for any on-going project. Tuff was able to eliminate a lot of extra steps when it came to onboarding and running payroll because now everything was in one place. Tuff can see who hasn't completed onboarding, who hasn't filled out a timecard, and any other outstanding need.

Smart Accounting Integrations to Wrap Faster

Tuff was growing faster than their original software could keep up with. They needed a payroll solution built to grow with their success. To move on to the next project faster, Tuff took advantage of Wrapbook's Hot Budget and Quickbooks integrations. The team now directly exports their expenses from Wrapbook into their preferred accounting software.

Business Impact

The Future

Given the growth that Tuff has enjoyed over the last year, Rose anticipates its production schedule to continue to fill with projects—in particular, those in the commercial and music video spaces.

And with Wrapbook taking care of the payroll part of their business, the Tuff team can keep their focus on making unique and compelling content.

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