July 9, 2024

The AICP Awards: What Are They & How to Apply

The Wrapbook Team
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Working in the ad industry can sometimes feel pretty thankless. And commercial storytellers may know that feeling all too well. 

Luckily, there is a time and place to give them the recognition they deserve. The Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) has been celebrating the craft of advertising for three decades.

In this post, we’ll share what you need to know about the 2025 AICP Awards, including all the awards entry deets.

What are the AICP Awards?

The AICP Awards are a series of awards shows for commercial storytellers, voted on by commercial storytellers. The Association of Independent Commercial Producers honors these artists and craftspeople in three distinct award shows. This trilogy includes:

  • AICP Show Awards: honors the art of the commercial 
  • AICP Next Awards: honors the best innovative marketing campaigns
  • AICP Post Awards: honors the best post-production work

Awards ceremonies will air live during AICP Week, then made available on the AICP Awards website. The dates for AICP Week 2025 have not yet been announced, but are expected to be in the first two weeks of June 2025. 

What are the AICP Show Awards?

The AICP Show Awards, The Art & Technique of the Commercial, honor the art of the commercial, recognizing all moving parts of commercial-making. The show is judged by over 400 advertising and production professionals. Work produced or aired from anywhere in the world is eligible for the Show Awards. 

Case studies aren’t to be entered for Show. Only work that has been aired is accepted. “Air” can mean commissioned by a client, commercial release, on TV, theater, the Internet, mobile device, or another medium that can show moving imagery. 

The exception to this rule is for the Student Commercial category. While that also has to have been produced during the eligibility year, it cannot have aired.

Over 20 categories including animation, cinematography, and production design encompass the AICP Show Awards. 

AICP categories for the Show Awards are:

  • Advertising Excellence
  • Advertising Excellence/Campaign
  • Animation
  • Best New Director
  • Cause
  • Cinematography
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Direction
  • Editorial
  • Humor
  • Licensed Soundtrack or Arrangement
  • Music Video
  • Original Music
  • Performance
  • Production
  • Production Design
  • Public Service Announcement
  • Sound Design
  • Student Commercial
  • Visual Effects
  • Visual Style

Watch the 2024 AICP Show Awards winner for Best New Director, won by Adam Morse of SMUGGLER, below.

SMUGGLER, a Wrapbook client, had the honor of being the most-awarded production company in the 2024 AICP Show Awards. 

What are the AICP Next Awards?

The AICP Next Awards focus on newer brand marketing plays, from influencer to experiential campaigns. All applicants here were commissioned for a product, service, or brand, and also must appear on commercial media.

The Next Awards honor true innovation in marketing communication. They often select winners whose work turns convention on its side and uses new technologies in new ways to bolster creativity. 

Case studies can be entered in the Next Award categories, excluding the Web Film category. There, the actual film is expected to be entered. Just like the Show Awards, the AICP Next Awards can come from anywhere in the world. 

AICP categories for the Next Awards are:

  • Branded Content & Entertainment: Series/Episodic
  • Branded Content & Entertainment: Standalone/Single Execution
  • Creative Data
  • Digital Experiences
  • Experiential
  • Influencer
  • Innovation
  • Integrated Campaign
  • Purpose Driven
  • Real Time Engagement
  • Social
  • Web Film
  • Most Next

The headline award, the Most Next Award - Best of Show, aims to honor the most innovative work of the year. It is chosen from among all of the category winners. 

Check out previous recipients of the Most Next Award on the AICP Awards archives

What are the AICP Post Awards?

This awards show is for arguably the most overlooked contributors. The AICP Post Awards honor the best post-production work of the year. Creators receive recognition for their contribution across categories, including editing, audio mixing, color grading, and visual effects. 

Only work that’s aired will be allowed.

Additionally, AICP Post Awards include Best of Region winners for the best work from companies submitting in each AICP Chapter Region (East, Midwest, Southeast, Southwest, and West). Any work submitted not from one of those regions will not receive Best of Region consideration.

AICP categories for the Post Awards are:

Audio Categories

  • Audio Mix :60 and Under
  • Audio Mix Over :60
  • Sound Design :60 and Under
  • Sound Design Over :60

Color Categories

  • Color Grading: Under :60
  • Color Grading: :60 To :90
  • Color Grading: Over :90
  • Color Grading: Music Video

Design, Visual Effects & Finishing Categories

  • CGI
  • Character Design
  • Compositing
  • Game Cinematic
  • Motion Graphics and Design

Editorial Categories

  • Automotive
  • Cause Marketing/PSA
  • Comedy
  • Dialogue/Monologue/Spoken Word
  • Docu-Style
  • Existing Footage
  • Fashion/Beauty
  • Montage
  • Music Video
  • National Campaign
  • Regional
  • Storytelling

If you’re looking to mix up your post-production workflow, watching spots from the AICP Post Awards archive is a good place to start.

How to apply for the AICP Awards 

For the 2025 AICP Awards shows, the deadlines for entry have not yet been announced, and the registration page isn’t yet open. 

For reference though, last year’s deadlines were March 5 (regular) and March 12 (late, extra fees may apply). Also for reference, to have been eligible for 2024’s awards, work must have first aired or launched between March 13, 2023, and March 11, 2024. 

To prepare to submit your work, check out the full eligibility requirements and entry fees. You can also download and read the 2024 AICP Awards Entry Kit.

Explore the AICP categories for each Award Show to get a better handle of where to submit your entry.

Finally, follow the AICP on Instagram to find out as soon as registration for 2025 is open.

AICP Awards Shortlist

If you're on the search for inspiration, the AICP Awards Shortlist spotlights winning work from the AICP Post Awards, AICP Next Awards, and AICP Awards through a panel series. 

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the production challenges for some of the 2024 winners by streaming the AICP Awards 2024 Shortlist.

If you’re unsure about applying for the AICP Awards 2025, feel free to watch individual works and previous year's shows on the AICP Awards archive website. 

Wrapping up

Perhaps there is someone you think deserves a little recognition? Be prepared to nominate them by the projected March deadline! Otherwise, we'll catch you at the next one!

Missed AICP 2024 and want to get a taste of the event? Check out this compilation of compliance and risk mitigation tips from a discussion with RadicalMedia, EPOCH, and Bark Bark. These industry leaders gathered at an AICP Lunch & Learn session moderated by Wrapbook Co-founder Cameron Woodward.

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July 9, 2024


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