The Colorado Film Office, officially known as the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media, stands as a beacon for filmmakers navigating the breathtaking landscapes and expansive production opportunities of the Centennial State. 

In this article, we’ll explore the wealth of resources and support offered by the Colorado Film Office, which aims to foster creative projects from inception to completion. Armed with the knowledge, you’ll be able to bring your production to life against the stunning backdrops and within the supportive ecosystem for which Colorado is known.

Get to know the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media

The Colorado Film Office, officially known as the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media, oversees and supports all matters related to the film industry in Colorado. 

Established in 1969 to foster economic growth and job creation, the Office was the first government sanctioned film commission in the country. Today, the Colorado Film Office provides an array of resources designed to support filmmakers at every stage of production from young students to seasoned producers filming their next big budget production in Colorado.

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Colorado is home to unparalleled natural beauty. SOURCE

Across the majestic Rocky Mountains and to the urban landscapes of Denver, the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media makes Colorado filmmakers’ dreams come true, thanks in large part to the small but dedicated team working in the Colorado Film Office.

Recently, Wrapbook Co-Founder Cameron Woodward sat down with Colorado Film Commissioner Donald Zuckerman and Deputy Film Commissioner Arielle Brachfeld for an in-depth conversation about everything their office does to support filmmaking in Colorado. Check it out on Wrapbook’s On Production podcast!

Ways the Colorado Film Office supports filmmakers

The Colorado Film Office is instrumental in bolstering the state's film industry through a number of programs ranging from financial incentives to educational enrichment to filmmaking resources.

Let’s take a look at a few of the ways the Office supports filmmakers of all stripes.

Film incentives

At the heart of the Colorado Film Office’s programming is the Colorado film tax incentive designed to make Colorado a competitive choice for productions.

With a focus on both economic and creative growth, the Colorado Film Office ensures that every dollar spent translates into tangible benefits for the film industry and the local communities alike. 

Their film incentive not only covers a wide range of production costs—from physical expenses like equipment rental to payroll for both above-the-line and below-the-line cast and crew—but also encourages the use of Colorado's rich talent pool and diverse locations.

For more on Colorado film tax incentives and how they can help your next production save big in the Centennial State, check out our guide to Colorado film tax credits. And explore Wrapbook’s Production Incentive Center for answers to all of your film tax incentive questions in Colorado and beyond. 

Educational programs 

The Colorado Film Office doesn’t just support seasoned filmmakers ready to produce their next big feature, series, or documentary. The Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media also offers workshops and seminars that cover a range of topics from production basics to advanced filmmaking techniques.

Many of these programs are geared toward young students interested in film production in the state. 

Among them is the Film Exposure Program, a collaborative program sponsored by the Colorado Film Office that helps rural high school students get hands-on experience making short films. 

This collaborative program offers a crash course in screenwriting, storyboarding, cinematography, sound editing, directing, and most importantly, real-world problem solving. Each school site—the program has expanded to six so far and is growing—gets a gear package, and students are empowered to build long-term relationships with local filmmakers.

The Colorado Film Office also sponsors the Native Film Workshop Grant, a summer program for students of the Ute Mountain Ute and Southern Ute Tribes. The two-week workshop allows students the opportunity to produce short form documentaries about issues that matter to them. The Office then helps these documentaries get screened at area film festivals.

Film festival support and promotion

Colorado is home to some of the most prominent international film festivals in the country, including the Telluride Film Festival and the Denver Film Festival. Elevating the visibility of film festivals all across the state is core to the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media’s mission. 

The Office offers a Film Festival Support and Promotion Grant that supports more than 40 film festivals and educational events each year throughout the state.

Industry support

With an ear to the ground, the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media offers guidance and resources to help filmmakers navigate the competitive but fulfilling careers in entertainment.

Through initiatives such as the Colorado Film Crew and Support Services Directory, the Office connects emerging talent with seasoned professionals, fostering a collaborative environment that elevates the entire production process.

The Colorado Film Office also sponsors Production Assistant workshops, which help professionals and students new to the film industry gain valuable insight into what it takes to get started as a production assistant.

And the Office's commitment to education extends beyond these programs to the Professional Pathways Program and various workshops, all designed to equip individuals with the skills needed to thrive in the industry.

Location and crew referrals

What good would career guidance be if filmmaking professionals in Colorado struggled to find work? 

In order to help productions filming in Colorado hire local crew from pools of talented Centennial State professionals, the Colorado Film Office connects productions and crew through their Colorado Film Crew and Support Services Directory.

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Home on the range—Colorado has many unique pioneer towns. SOURCE

To help productions navigate the wealth of breathtaking scenery, picturesque small towns, and historical settlements, the Office connects productions with the perfect locations through its Colorado Film Location Directory.

Region-specific resources

Finally, Colorado is a state that is as geographically diverse as it is magnificent. The Colorado Film Office meets the unique needs of productions working across the state by tailoring their support to each of Colorado's diverse regions.

Whether you find yourself filming in the culturally rich urban sprawl of the Mile High City, the expansive grandeur of America’s highest high desert, or beneath the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media can provide exactly what your production needs. 

Programs and funding the Colorado Film Office offers

The Colorado Film Office isn't just a facilitator; it's also a launchpad for production success. The Colorado Film Office supports filmmaking in the state through a number of specific programs, including:

Colorado Film Crew and Support Services Directory

The Colorado Film Crew and Support Services Directory is a comprehensive listing of local talent and services.

With the Crew and Support Services Directory, the Office connects emerging talent with seasoned professionals, fostering collaborative working relationships that elevate the entire production process across the state.

And because the Colorado film tax credit requires productions to hire a minimum of 50% local crew, the directory is a great way for out-of-state productions to find and hire talented Coloradan crew. 

Colorado Film Incentive Program

The Colorado Film Office, in conjunction with the Colorado Economic Development Commission, provides a generous film tax credit to qualifying productions filmed in the state. 

A 20-22% refundable tax credit is available for qualified productions of all types. Check out Wrapbook’s guide to Colorado film tax incentives for more information and explore Wrapbook’s Production Incentive Center for answers to all your incentive questions. 

Colorado Film Location Directory

The Film Office also hosts the Colorado Film Location Directory, an extensive database of filmable locations across the state, searchable by various criteria.

Through the Location Directory, productions are able to locate the perfect sets and settings for their production, and with Colorado’s diverse topography and visually-rich landscapes, they have plenty to choose from.

Professional Pathways Program

The Professional Pathways Program offers networking and development opportunities for film students across the state. Utilizing workforce centers and professional partners, the program offers a diverse catalog of opportunities to students, including site visits to production offices, mentorship relationships with entertainment professionals, and film production internships. 

Regional Film Liaisons

Colorado Regional Film Liaisons are expert partners spread throughout Colorado to assist filmmakers in navigating local landscapes and logistics.

Liaisons share expertise with filmmakers and help attract productions to their communities. These volunteer regional partners help market the stunning diversity of Colorado’s landscape and help identify local support services for filmmakers.

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Don’t let Colorado’s expansive high desert fool you; the state is vibrantly colorful. SOURCE

Regional Film Liaisons can be a vital resource, guiding productions through the logistical and bureaucratic aspects of filming across Colorado's unique landscapes.

How to connect with the Colorado Film Office

But by far the best resource for filmmaking in Colorado is the Colorado Film Office itself. Contacting the Colorado Film Office is straightforward, ensuring filmmakers, regardless of their experience level, can access the information and support they need.

Filmmakers can reach out via email, follow and interact on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and X (fka Twitter), or visit the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media website for direct access to resources and staff. 

For production companies and filmmakers applying for a Colorado film tax incentive for the first time, the Film Office recommends using the friendly and simple application portal on their website.

Wrapping up

The Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media is an invaluable resource for filmmakers and production professionals filming in Colorado. With its comprehensive support system, from film incentives to educational programs, the Colorado Film Office plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success and growth of the film industry in Colorado. 

For those looking to dive deeper, don't miss Wrapbook's posts on Colorado's film incentives and our insightful podcast with Donald Zuckerman, Film Commissioner with the Colorado Office of Film, and Arielle Brachfeld, Deputy Film Commissioner. And for all your film tax incentive questions, check out the rich resources found in our Production Incentive Center.

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