When it comes to making payroll and production accounting straightforward and streamlined, Wrapbook doesn’t rest. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our client experience, and our latest updates demonstrate just that.

Take a look:

Our latest production accounting updates

Wrapbook has launched two new features to the Budget & EFC Tracker to enhance how you work on your cost report:

  • Approved Overages: If your project is granted Approved Overages, you can now enable to display the approved overages on the Budget & EFC Tracker to quickly track the initial budget, the approved overages, and a new updated budget total.
  • Period Variance: View the new Period Variance column in the Budget & EFC Tracker to see the difference between the current and previous period’s Estimated Final Cost (EFC).
What_s New in Wrapbook - May 2024 - Production Accounting Updates

Employment type worker choice

Workers can update their employment type from employee to loan out (or vice versa) when onboarding to a new project:

  • Reduce incorrect worker classification: This update helps decrease the chance of employees onboarding with the incorrect worker classification.
  • Control onboarding settings: If you do not want workers to have this option, this setting can be turned off in worker hiring settings found in Company Settings.

Optional worker signatures on custom startwork

Now when you create custom startwork at the company or project level, you can choose whether or not workers are required to sign the document. Now documents that aren’t required to be signed by workers, like arbitration agreements, can be assigned to workers to review when onboarding to a project

Conditional purchase order approval workflow rules

You can now add custom rules to purchase order approval workflows so that when certain conditions are met, a submitted request is sent to a specific person or team:

  • Customize approval rules: Specify when purchase orders should be sent to specific individuals based on the total amount of the PO.
  • Streamline notifications: With custom rules, PO approvers will only be notified if the PO meets the criteria set for them to have to approve.

Searchable all projects dashboard

Never waste time searching for your projects again! We’ve updated the All Projects Dashboard so that when you log into Wrapbook, you can quickly find what you’re looking for. Simply type in the project’s name or project number and the dashboard will filter to your project.

What_s New in Wrapbook - May 2024 - Searchable All Projects Dashboard

View all payables in a payroll 

The Payroll Edit Report provides a summarized view of all approved timecards and allowances in a payroll with cumulative totals and fringes.

Use this report to answer questions like:

  • Where is a breakdown of all timecards and allowances for workers on a payroll?
  • Where can I see all the fringes for a payroll?
  • Are there inconsistencies between workers in a department?

Set up multiple bank accounts to fund payrolls across projects

You can now link more than one bank account to your company, allowing greater flexibility in funding your payrolls.

You can:

  • Add multiple bank accounts to your company.
  • Designate what bank accounts should be available on a project.
  • Change bank accounts at the funding step when running payroll.

New types of allowances

You can now account for additional types of allowances using a streamlined, searchable menu. 

New allowance types include: Car, Cell Phone, Computer, Living, Meal, and DGA Production Fee*.

All new allowances will be enabled by default but you can choose to disable any of them at the company level if you so choose. 

*DGA Production Fee option is only available to DGA workers.

What_s New in Wrapbook - May 2024 - New Types of Allowances

Scale rate compliance alerts

Immediate visibility into scale rate obligations helping you avoid downstream compliance issues.

Now, each time you run payroll, Wrapbook makes it easy to ensure workers are being paid at or above scale.

  • Identify timecards below scale rate when running payroll: Receive warnings if a timecard is set to pay a worker below scale.
  • Take action: Identify timecards assigned a rate below scale by using the Issue filter or by clicking “view timecards.”

Wrapping up

If you’re just starting up a new film or TV project, let our Sales Team know and we can show you Wrapbook’s comprehensive array of features and tools via our One Platform.

And when you need quick answers to your onboarding, payroll, or other Wrapbook questions, be sure to head over to our Help Center for answers.

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May 10, 2024


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