April 7, 2021

Get Your Commercial LA IATSE & Teamster Timecards Done Fast

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We're excited to announce that timecards that calculate according to AICP commercial contracts for IATSE & Teamster Local 399 can now be calculated automatically in Wrapbook! Additionally, we can calculate independent commercial contract (non AICP) and music video contracts, along with travel days from the LA thirty-mile zone.

These updates will reduce or eliminate the manual practice of calculating gross wages and overtime rates for your workers. They’ll also save you time onboarding union crew members by populating job titles and contract details.

Let’s get into the details...

1. Automated job title mappings for union jobs

Union workers can now be added faster than ever. Whether you’re adding a new or existing employee, Wrapbook maps job titles to the associated union of the worker.

Quickly attach critical details to your employee’s profile.

Simply select the union name and choose from the appropriate job title. This will then autofill the proper payment settings for said union.

2. Automated surfacing of contract details

You can easily calculate employees' overtime rates based on the details of their collective bargaining agreements. Wrapbook surfaces the way that your employees’ overtime is calculated as it breaks down their day rate for a certain number of guaranteed hours to their hourly and overtime rates. 

Regardless of their role, this update automates the details of their contracts. 

For IATSE Local 600 Cinematographers: 

Wrapbook only allows you to select a minimum day rate of 8 hours per your employee’s contract, and shows you their hourly rate, when 1.5X, 2X, 2.5 and 3X kicks in for them.

Wrapbook pulls contract details to quickly calculate union overtime rates.

And it works the same for Teamsters.

For Teamsters Local 399 Drivers

You can select a minimum day rate of 8 hours per your employees’ contract, and Wrapbook will show you their hourly rate when 1.5X, 2X and 3X kicks in for them.

Pay union workers quickly and accurately.

3. Automated timecard calculations

Wrapbook will automatically calculate labor costs for IATSE & Teamster members inside the zone in Los Angeles working on commercial contacts, travel days from the zone, independent commercial contracts, and music video contracts.

But there’s an additional perk.

Wrapbook’s timecards now allow you and your workers to label the “day type” if such a provision exists on the contract. For example, this is often needed for Teamster location managers who are paid slightly differently for prep and shoot days.

Select the appropriate day type to ensure accurate payment.

Once you type in the appropriate fields, the automated breakdown calculations then surface. 

In the below example, you can see one hour of overtime is credited for the “Apr 01, 2021” shoot day because this employee went beyond 13 hours in a single day. 

But you’ll also notice there are no meal penalties allocated because meals are not deductible under the teamster location manager contract.

Wrapbook sticks to the terms of the union contract to accurately report pay.

Wrapbooks smart contracts make paying employees who work under collective bargaining agreements seamless, intelligently and compliantly.  

The system is smart enough to keep track of all kinds of union contract requirements like forced calls, holidays, meal penalties, and more!

Looking Forward

In the coming months, we’ll have more announcements and product updates to share so you can spend more time being creative, and less time manually calculating fringes. 

To see these new features in action, contact sales for a live demo.

Last Updated 
April 7, 2021


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