September 7, 2021

Introducing Wrapbook’s New Look 

The Wrapbook Team
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Over the course of 2021, Wrapbook has been working on a redesign of our application to give the software a more modern look and feel, primarily to make it more delightful to use for both companies and workers. 

But beyond the aesthetic, we’ve developed a scalable design system that now allows our engineers to move faster. And while this doesn’t impact our existing users too much, we believe this kind of change to our infrastructure is important to the longevity of the software and is just as vital for building a better experience for our users. 

That’s why we’re sharing some of these internal updates to highlight our commitment to you, and what we’re building. 

Key changes for existing customers 

As mentioned, the team has developed a set of reusable components that allow our engineering team to move quicker than before. 

But what users will notice is the updated visual design of the software.

The key changes for existing customers will be on the left hand navigation bar. Instead of displaying all of the company settings and all of the projects at the same time, we’ve now split that into two. 

The main change is the navigation from All Projects & Company Level Settings to more specific projects and their settings.

Wrapbook's New Look - Specific Project View - Wrapbook
To get back to All Projects / Company Level Settings, simply click on the Wrapbook logo or use the breadcrumbs at the top of the page.

We made this change to reduce clutter on the screen and make it easier for you to do key tasks when managing a specific project or looking at the company and all projects from a higher level.

Wrapping Up

Just launched, this cleaner design will allow for a smoother user experience that should prove more functional for both workers and companies. Wrapbook remains committed to innovation and this new interface is a reflection of that commitment. If you have any questions about this redesign or what’s coming up next, reach out to Success anytime.

Last Updated 
September 7, 2021


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