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Want to know what we’ve been up to lately to make your user experience better? Keep reading to learn more! 

Improved worker experience when adding new work locations

Adding a new work location mid-project? Now when you assign workers to a new work location, they won't face the inconvenience of being off-boarded from the project: 

  • New startwork notification: A notification on the worker’s timecard will alert them of startwork they need to complete for the new work location. 
  • Uninterrupted experience: Workers can continue to submit timecards and expenses for the locations they are fully onboarded to instead of having to rejoin the project.

Project level notifications

Ready to clean up your inbox? New project level notification settings allow you to turn on and off email notifications per project:

  • New subscribe/unsubscribe buttons: Use the bell notification button on the All projects page or Subscribe/Unsubscribe button on an individual project to control whether or not you hear from a project.
  • Control what notifications you receive: To control what notifications you receive when subscribed to a project, check your notifications settings by clicking on your name in the bottom left of the screen then notification settings.
What_s New in Wrapbook - June 2024 - Project Level Notifications

More production accounting updates 

We have two releases to get on your radar:

  • Distribution changes: Recode and make distribution changes to posted transactions without manually creating a Journal Entry. Distribution changes can be made directly on posted transactions and can be filtered from the General Ledger. 
  • Cost report filters: Download your cost report from Wrapbook with more flexibility. New filters like “Show $0 Account,” “Show Period Variance,” and “Show Approved Overages” have been added so you can control what information you share with stakeholders.

Wrapping up

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Last Updated 
June 10, 2024


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