Here at Wrapbook, we’re always thinking about ways to improve the experience of production.  Payroll, insurance, and now… production incentives.

Film production incentives are an increasingly important part of film financing and budgeting. We want to help you get the best deal for your shoot you can and help bring more work to the states that offer them.

That’s why we created our brand new Production Incentive Center.

Four powerful tools to supercharge your incentives game

As a filmmaker or producer, having up-to-date information on film incentives is crucial for making informed decisions about where to film your project. With Wrapbook's Production Incentive Center you can now access the latest film incentive data at your fingertips. 

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This center consists of four powerful tools designed to take your incentives game to the next level.  Use all of them and you might become as great a master of incentives as Wrapbook’s own Ryan Broussard.


1. Incentive Finder

Of course, not all productions apply for all incentives. Our Incentive Finder Tool helps you focus only on the incentives you qualify for. Simply enter in a few details, such as the type of production and the date, and we’ll generate a list of all the incentives you’ll be eligible for.

Production Incentive Center - Wrapbook - Incentives Finder

Time is money, and this will save you both.  You can drill down and focus on the incentives that matter to you. 

2. State Map - Location Finder

Location, location, location.  Our State Map Tool will help you determine what state is perfect for your production. You can either enter a state in the searchbar or click on the state in question for a quick summary of the state’s location.

Production Incentive Center - Wrapbook - State Map

Knowing where your production will be is vital, and incentives aren’t the only consideration. If you’re shooting a horror movie set in a snowy mountain, our State Map makes it easy to determine what snowy states offer incentives.

Of course, then you have to determine which snowy state’s incentives are best…

3. Compare State Incentives

Which is where our Compare State Incentives Tool comes in. Simply select two states and we’ll pull up a detailed comparison between each state’s incentives. We’ll even give you the name and contact information of the film office, in case you want to know more.

Production Incentive Center - Wrapbook - Compare States

What’s even more impressive is that you can access this tool from the State Map Tool. Now you can compare those cold, snowy states and see which is best for your production. 

4. AI Chat Bot

Finally, our AI Chat Bot - the next best thing to an expert at your elbow. We’ve trained our chatbot with the knowledge of production incentive experts and an up-to-date database of current production incentive laws.

Production Incentive Center - Wrapbook - AI Chat Bot

Simply ask your questions and the chatbot will answer.  “How much do I need to spend in Arizona to quality for a TV Incentive?”  “Can you compare the production incentives in New York and California?”  Even “Where’s the best place to shoot a $1M feature film shot primarily on rivers.”  Our chatbot can answer it.

Our AI tool utilizes a comprehensive and updated database of film incentive programs, regulations, and industry trends. However, to ensure the highest level of accuracy and reliability, we have in-house incentive experts, working closely with our AI tool. Their knowledge and insights serve as valuable inputs to our AI tool, allowing us to cross-reference and validate the information it provides.

Wrapping Up

As always, our goal is to make you the best in your business. Our Production Incentive Center offers you a dynamic, comprehensive database of the latest film incentives available to get the most out of your budget. 

If you have any questions about how to use these resources, or would prefer a human expert, drop us a line

Free Resource

Get expert advice on state production incentives

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Last Updated 
October 11, 2023


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