February 3, 2021

Updates to Timecards, Automatic Meal Penalties, & More

Naysawn Naji
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Today we are excited to announce that we are rolling out improvements to timecards. These updates are designed to make time input simple and wage breakdowns easy to understand. 

These are the updates:

Mobile Friendly Time Input

It probably comes as no surprise that most crew log their timecards on Wrapbook with their phones. That’s why we updated time logging to be more mobile friendly and fast to fill a single week in one go. 

Simple Time Calculation Breakdowns

For production companies, we’ve added a breakdown to time calculations so you can better see how gross wages are calculated.

More specifically, our update allows you to see how time is calculated between days. With numbers side by side, you're able to better compare start, meal, and end times between days.

Automatic Meal Penalties

You now have the option to have non-union meal penalties automatically calculated for you.

All new projects have automatic meal penalty calculations turned on by default, while all existing projects are turned off by default. Meal penalties can be included for all types of time calculations. 

If you would like to enable them, please adjust your project settings to use California meal penalties.

Looking Ahead

This update opens the way for Wrapbook to further simplify gross wage calculations for unions workers down the line.  We plan to share more announcements on this subject in the coming months.

Last Updated 
February 3, 2021


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About the author
Naysawn Naji

Naysawn is a co-founder of Wrapbook.

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