May 4, 2023

Wrapbook Welcomes Ryan Broussard and Rick Rice

The Wrapbook Team
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We're proud to announce that we've hired two new production industry veterans, expanding our growing team. Ryan Broussard will serve as Vice President of Sales and Production Incentives; Rick Rice will serve as Principal Product Manager. Each will play an integral role in serving Wrapbook’s growing list of clients as the tech-first payroll company continues its mission of simplifying production payroll with an all-in-one tool for onboarding, payroll, insurance, and cost tracking.

Both Broussard and Rice have spent the majority of their careers in entertainment payroll and accounting. As VP of Sales and Production Incentives at Media Services, Broussard worked tirelessly with clients of all sizes—from the largest feature films to the smallest independent projects—to optimize their production incentive strategies. Over his 16-year career, Broussard has helped countless productions optimize their financing using film production incentives, developed innovative reporting measures to facilitate faster audit processes, and even helped some states and local jurisdictions design their incentive programs.

“A well-considered approach to production incentives can be the difference between a film getting made or not,” says Broussard. “My entire career has been spent using my knowledge of the production-incentive landscape to help get important stories told. I look forward to continuing that work at Wrapbook.”

As Principal Product Manager, Rice will be focused on helping Wrapbook refine its suite of production payroll tools to meet the needs of its growing client base. Over his 23-year career, Rice has consistently been at the forefront of technological change in production payroll. As Director of Engineering at Cast & Crew, Rice oversaw engineering on all accounting products under the Cast & Crew umbrella, including PSL+, CAPS+, and MediaWeb. Before that, he was Director of Software Development & Support at Media Services, where he worked closely with production accountants to develop MediaWeb, the company’s first foray into a cloud-based production accounting system.

“I’ve always believed in the power of technology to make production accounting easier—both for productions and for workers,” says Rice. “I’m excited to be part of the team that—more than anyone else out there—is creating cutting-edge tools and discovering innovative ways to streamline accounting workflows.”

Broussard and Rice join Wrapbook as the company continues to expand its reach in the production industry, serving clients in film, unscripted, commercial, and live-event production.

“When you’re working in the production industry, it’s not enough to be a disruptor,” says Wrapbook CEO Ali Javid. “You can have the best technology, the best tools, but you also need the expertise to make sure those tools are going to work well for the people on the ground. You have to know the industry inside and out. That kind of expertise is what both Ryan and Rick bring to the table, and that’s why I’m so excited to have them aboard the team.”

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May 4, 2023


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