September 1, 2020

Wrapbook Announces $3.6M in Funding

Cameron Woodward
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Naysawn, Hesham, Ali, and I started Wrapbook because we wanted to create software that simplifies the complex work of creating productions.

When production companies sign-up with Wrapbook, we often hear about producers’ past experiences with complex payroll and the frustrations of dealing with paper timecards, stacks of start paperwork, contracts, and deal memos. Film cast and crew have told us their stories of chasing down lost paychecks and the challenge of tracking their jobs across dozens of employers, especially at tax season.

It’s these stories that drive all of us at Wrapbook to build on our idea that companies should be able to easily manage all of their projects, onboard cast and crew, manage timecards, start-work, payroll, workers comp, production insurance, and more—all in one system.

Our idea is taking off.

Wrapbook is excited to announce that it has raised $3.6 million in seed funding led by Equal Ventures. Participants in the round include Uncorked Capital as well as the founder of Paylocity, Steve Sarowitz.

Click The Image Below to See a Wrapbook Demo.

We know how difficult it is to launch, run, and wrap successful productions, especially now. Companies have been given a unique challenge: How can you manage 100 time cards for a team, hundreds of miles apart and in different states? How do you easily create, share, and sign all crew employment paperwork? How do you spin up a new project and assign a coordinator to manage it, remotely?

It’s an unprecedented problem that Wrapbook is uniquely able to solve, and one of the reasons why we’ve continued to grow rapidly the past several months.

Funding is a wonderful milestone, and in many ways a great confirmation that the ideas and tools we’re building have an important role in the way projects get made — but it’s really just the beginning. We have so much more to build upon and to improve. I believe that everyone has important work to do, and a great number of projects to contribute toward, and I believe all of us should have the very best tools to accomplish these great works.

Onward together,

P.S. We’re hiring!


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Cameron Woodward

Cameron is a co-founder of Wrapbook.

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