April 21, 2023

Watch: SMUGGLER, London Alley, and Ghost Robot

Chris Cullari
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At Wrapbook, we pride ourselves on streamlining the payroll process for clients working in all kinds of production. Whether it’s commercials, feature films, documentaries, or music videos, we’ve partnered with some of the most successful and cutting edge producers in the world.

Today, we want to highlight the latest work created by our clients in the commercial space. From SMUGGLER’s celebration of hip-hop history to Ghost Robot’s announcement that KFC is selling Beyond Fried Chicken, these spots represent the latest work from the best creatives in the world.


For Amazon Music

More short film than ad, this piece from SMUGGLER and director Fenn O’Meally highlights the impact of hip-hop fifty years into its existence. The sisters at the center of the story have no idea what they’re getting into when one of them goes digging through a closet full of mom’s things. They find a box stuffed with '90s styles and music that brings the family close - at least for a few bars.

London Alley

For PGA Tour 2K23

London Alley brings this celebrity-studded (did you spot Shooter McGavin?) spot to life to announce the latest in EA’s PGA 2K video game series. The only thing tighter than the cameos are the eye-popping fashions on display. Not to mention Tiger’s Iron Throne made of golf clubs. If winter is coming, it won’t have any impact on this game of golf. 

Ghost Robot


Ghost Robot's spot debuted during the Super Bowl and just goes to show that not all big game ads have to be epic productions. It’s short, snappy, to the point and makes great use of a peach, pink, and green color palette to stick in the viewer’s brain. The mouth-watering “fried chicken” on display blends nicely with the retro-cool “screensaver” vibes of winged boxes and buckets. Why spend big bucks on a lengthy, expensive spot, when you can get tastebuds tingling in less than 30 seconds?

Wrapping Up

This is just a small sample of the work that our clients and partners create on a daily basis. Wrapbook is proud to help them spend less time on payroll and more time on the award-winning creative that keeps them at the top of the commercial heap.

If you have questions about payroll, check out our Practical Guide to Payroll for Producers. Or, to learn more about how Wrapbook can help streamline your payroll, chat with an expert here.

Last Updated 
April 21, 2023


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About the author
Chris Cullari

Chris Cullari is a writer/director based out of Los Angeles. His most recent film, THE AVIARY, is available for streaming on Paramount Plus and Showtime. You can find him tweeting about monsters, pro-wrestling, and horror movies.

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