July 19, 2023

Watch: Open Range, Smartypants, and Dress Code NY, Inc.

Loring Weisenberger
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Wrapbook provides high-powered production management solutions to top tier producers and production companies. From feature films to music videos and beyond, our clients create some of the best work in the production industry. It’s our distinct privilege to honor some of that work today.

In this post, we’ll highlight recent work from three Wrapbook clients in commercial production. Dress Code will teach us how to ride a bike, Smartypants will dare us to rethink the future, and Open Range will show us the cutting edge by taking us back to basics.

Dress Code NY, Inc.

For Brain Dead x Rapha

Dress Code NY, Inc. leveraged its signature sense of off-beat fun to celebrate a collaboration between Rapha and Brain Dead. When a mysterious object plummets from the sky, two mountain cyclists give chase, kicking up waves of dirt under a heavy-hitting soundtrack of electric guitar.

Director Tucker Phillips deftly combines fantasy and gritty realism in the brief spot. The massive meteor is introduced in a single shot, quickly giving way to the visual language of extreme sports photography. Stunning 16mm film simultaneously provides a raw, earthy texture and saturated colors that pop in otherworldly hues.

The spot is simple, but it leaves viewers with a distinct aesthetic impression. Dress Code produced a perfect cinematic cocktail for two brands united in their mission to create “extreme gear for quality people.”


For Princeton University

Smartypants partnered with Princeton University to produce their ongoing Venture Forward campaign. The “Making Audacious Bets” promotional video series features Princeton faculty and alumni who dare to ask questions that have the potential to change the future.

In this spot, alumni Mimi Onuoha takes the stage to reimagine the future of data and design. The minute-long spot highlights Onuoha’s work of shining a light on the invisible margins of data, the human details that technology often fails to capture.

 It takes an optimistic tone that suggests we can build a better tomorrow by asking the right questions and finding the right perspective.

Director Merete Mueller imbues the spot with propulsive energy, balancing images of tech and people to create a portrait of  future connectivity. The work draws on Smartypants’ experience in documentary filmmaking, an impressive resume that includes a recent Oscar nomination

Open Range

For Klutch Athletics by New Balance

Open Range brings sports fashion back to its roots with this 30-second commercial for New Balance. The spot announces the Klutch Athletics line, a new athlete-first sportswear brand designed in partnership with Rich Paul and Chase Young.

Open Range shot the ad on location in Rich Paul’s hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Director Anthony Blasko leveraged the sense of place to conjure a tactile experience that cuts deeper than typical commercial gloss. 

A handheld camera captures wear-and-tear textures, signs of the hours and sweat that an athlete sheds in pursuit of their dream. The spot uses a mixture of hard monochrome imagery and vibrant colors to heighten its reality.

As a brand, Klutch Athletics celebrates the intersection of sport, culture, and community. This spot from Open Range front loads those values by putting viewers literally in the gym with the athletes. The result is a subtle twist on a classic commercial format. 

Wrapping up

Congratulations to Open Range, Smartypants, and Dress Code NY, Inc. on their stunning work. Wrapbook is proud to serve their payroll needs and can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Before shooting your next commercial, be sure to visit Wrapbook for all the up-to-date resources and industry analysis you’ll need. You can check out our guide to running commercial payroll, our tips for effective client communication, or our deep dive into why commercial production companies love tech.

Last Updated 
July 19, 2023


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