May 23, 2023

Watch: Ghost Robot, Great Guns, and SixTwentySix

Shaudi Bianca Vahdat
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Wrapbook’s clients include heavy hitters in feature film, documentary, live events, advertising, and commercials. Our clients have credited Wrapbook’s tools with cutting their payroll time in half, streamlining their payroll process, and enabling their teams to put more focus on the job. 

We love getting to spotlight our clients’ work. Today we’re bringing you the latest offerings from three of our clients in the commercial world. In these spots, GhostRobot teaches us nice ways to say “no,” Great Guns partners with Rebel Wilson to remind us to protect our heads, and SixTwentySix talks canine royalty.


For Pure Leaf

This spoof of classic infomercials from GhostRobot, hosted by actor and singer Coco Jones, promotes Pure Leaf’s less sugary Subtly Sweet line of iced tea. 

Drinking Subtly Sweet Iced Tea, Coco tells us, will unlock our brains’ ability to find creatively kind but firm ways to say “no.” 

The tongue-in-cheek tone and relatable take on boundary-setting is a playful riff on the more serious “no is beautiful” campaign launched by Pure Leaf in 2020.

Great Guns USA

For Concussion Awareness Now

Actor, director, writer, and producer Rebel Wilson casually causes on-set mayhem in this concussion awareness PSA by Great Guns USA

The goal of the ad is to raise awareness of concussions as a serious medical issue. However, the spot wisely uses humor, rather than fear, to encourage viewers to get hits to the head checked out. 

While telling us how low-key and “normal” she is, Rebel obliviously releases pythons, breaks a few boxes of glass, and engages an unsuspecting stunt person’s jet pack. She also shares her own story of avoiding serious damage by getting a hit to the head checked out, showing that even this carefree “rebel” doesn’t mess around when it comes to concussion safety. 


For PetSmart Charities

SixTwentySix, together with Ryan Reynolds’ agency Maximum Effort, dropped this piece just in time for the coronation. Dana Carvey reprises his King Charles III impression, last seen on 1990’s-era SNL, to encourage would-be King Charles Spaniel buyers to adopt a shelter dog instead. 

Between Carvey’s very fun impression, the adorable dogs trading spots on his lap, and the pitch-perfect production work, it’s impossible not to watch all the way to the end. 

Wrapping up

Congratulations to GhostRobot, Great Guns, and SixTwentySix on your latest ad achievements! We can’t wait to see what you create next. 

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Last Updated 
May 23, 2023


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About the author
Shaudi Bianca Vahdat

Shaudi is a Seattle-based musician, theatre artist, writer and social media marketing specialist. She holds degrees from Berklee College of Music and the University of Washington School of Drama.

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