August 2020 Product Updates | Wrapbook

August 2020 Product Updates

24 August 2020 | The Wrapbook Team

August brought a few improvements to the product that will further save you time handling the backend of your production. These are a few of our favorites.

1. Tackle I-9s Entirely In App

I-9s can now be completed entirely within Wrapbook, eliminating the need to email new hires back and forth for photos of their drivers’ licenses.

Now your workers can upload their supporting documents (i.e. pictures of their passport, driver’s license, social security cards, etc.) directly onto their Wrapbook profile.

I-9s can now be signed digitally through the app as well. With the launch of this, we are removing who the “I-9 signer” is from the company side to give you maximum flexibility on who can sign your I-9s.

Work with the same cast and crew from project to project? You can now save yourself time onboarding, as now workers only need to complete one I-9 for your company, which applies to all your projects.

Don’t Lose Your Progress

With the upcoming changes to our I-9 signature process, we need your help. We are moving to a Wrapbook Digital Signature solution on Monday, August 31st. To prepare for this we ask that you sign all your inflight I-9’s that have already been signed by your workers.

If you are not able to do this prior to our launch, workers will need to resign their I-9’s.

Here are the steps to review and sign partially completed I-9’s:

  1. Go to any active project you have
  2. Click People
  3. Scan the STATUS column
  4. For any that have an X beside I-9 verified, click View
  5. At the bottom of the Worker Details, click Sign I-9 Form
  6. Review and sign the I-9 document

2. Process Payroll Instantly

If you’re running a non-union project, processing your payroll just got a whole lot speedier.

Once you bundle all the items you want in your payroll, Wrapbook will immediately calculate taxes in the app.

Now you don’t have to wait for an email that tells you when your payroll has been processed.

3. Export Your Payments

The transition from production coordinator to account has been further streamlined. Now, you can download your payment details as a CSV file, making for an easy import into your accounting system.

More to Come

Check back next month for the next roll out of updates to Wrapbook.

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