January 12, 2023

Best Photography Blogs of 2024

Anna Keizer
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The best photography blogs make you want to keep scrolling.

Photography blogs for beginners can instruct on technical basics, inspire with captive imagery, and demonstrate how the craft can be used for both storytelling and information-sharing. Journalistic photography, food photography, travel photography, wedding photography… There’s no shortage of avenues for blogs on photography to take.

While what constitutes the best photography blogs depends greatly on personal preference, we’ve compiled 22 sites that no doubt will make the top of many lists this year.

1. Agora Gallery

If one day you’d like your work shown in a gallery, it’s worth checking out Agora Gallery.

Best Photography Blogs - Wrapbook - Agora Gallery
Blogs on photography can offer more than just pretty pictures. Agora Gallery helps artists understand what would make for a successful gallery showing.

While the general site covers more than just photography, its page devoted to the art form can inform creatives about what it takes to get a studio space or gallery showcase. Never a bad idea to better understand the marketing and promotional side of the craft.

Instagram: @agoragallery (57.6K followers)

2. Beers & Beans

Why put up with airline delays and poor currency exchange rates when you can experience the splendor of the world from the comfort of your own home? 

Best Photography Blogs - Wrapbook - Beers and Beans
We can’t guarantee you a lucrative travel photography career, but Beers & Beans is among the best photography blogs on the craft of it.

Travel photographer’s blogs have never been more popular, and Beers & Beans is an example of how successful this type of blog can be. Not only is the site a popular draw, but also the founders of it have contributed to publications such as National Geographic and USA Today.

Instagram: @beersandbeans (3K followers)

3. Behind the Shutter

Did someone say “free photography education?” As its name implies, Behind the Shutter aims to help aspiring shutterbugs learn the craft techniques necessary to capture images that awe and inspire. Along with other photography blogs for beginners, this one offers tips and tricks that can help you become a more proficient snapper. 

Instagram: @btshutter (11.9K followers)

4. Chase Jarvis

Countless photographers try to make a name for themselves with their work online and through social media. Many of them turn to Chase Jarvis as an example of how to actually do it. 

Best Photography Blogs - Wrapbook - Chase Jarvis
You can’t have a complete list of photographer’s blogs without Chase Jarvis on it.

This acclaimed creative has branched out beyond just posting his work; he also interviews others who have triumphed in their respective fields and offers an insider’s look at their successes.

Instagram: @chasejarvis (100K followers)

5. Colossal

Colossal expands beyond just photography to cover other art forms such as crafting and design. 

Best Photography Blogs - Wrapbook - Colossal
If you like exploring different blogs about photography because you’re not loyal to any single style of it, head over to Colossal, which showcases a wide range of imagery.

The site covers a host of creative disciplines, but photography purists will have no shortage of stunning imagery through which to browse. Colossal has travel, portrait, nature, and many other genres of photography to study and admire.

Instagram: @colossal (522K followers)

6. Creative Boom

Creative Boom is another “little bit of everything” site and one of our best photography blogs you should consider bookmarking. The site also provides interviews, gear recommendations, book reviews, and additional instruction for photographers of all skill levels.

Instagram: @creativeboom (93.3K followers)

7. Dave Morrow Photography

There may never be another landscape artist like  Ansel Adams, but Dave Morrow is working hard to fill the void. 

Best Photography Blogs - Wrapbook - Dave Morrow
Now you understand the Ansel Adams comparison, right? Make room for this one on your best photography blogs list.

Putting together a list of photographer’s blogs? Morrow’s is not to be left off. The beauty of his imagery will enthrall, and his thorough advice may help you one day take shots just as captivating.

Instagram: @davemorrowphoto (2.5K followers)

8. David duChemin

David duChemin is a book author, instructor, podcaster, and of course photographer. 

Best Photography Blogs - Wrapbook - duChemin
Inspiring is a word thrown around quite a bit when it comes to photographer’s blogs, but it couldn’t be any more appropriate for David duChemin.

This self-proclaimed “creative instigator” is certainly that if instigating the passions and dreams of other would-be photographers counts. Head over to his site to both be astounded by his craft and open to learning more about it.

Instagram: @davidduchemin (38.6K followers)

9. ExpertPhotography

If you’re putting together a list of blogs about photography, you can’t pass up a site with a name like ExpertPhotography. As its name implies, this blog provides comprehensive advice to beginning and veteran creatives alike on how to start or improve upon their photography hobby or career. 

Instagram: @expertphotography (60K followers)

10. Expert Vagabond

Travel photography encompasses far more than simply booking a ticket to a stunning destination, and Expert Vagabond knows that. 

Best Photography Blogs - Wrapbook - Expert Vagabond
Before you grab that backpack and camera, check out Expert Vagabond, one of the best photography blogs on how to realistically be a travel photographer.

This site makes our compilation of best photography blogs becauset it offers practical advice on how to safely, economically, and successfully become a travel photographer.

Instagram: @expertvagabond (138K followers)

11. The Fashion Camera

Love photography and fashion? Then make sure to add The Fashion Camera to your list of blogs on photography. 

Best Photography Blogs - Wrapbook - The Fashion Camera
Blogs on photography specific to fashion abound online, but The Fashion Camera makes a point of explaining what this career is really like for curious shutterbugs.

Here you can get not only craft tips specific to fashion photography, but also insights into what this particular profession entails. Of course, the site offers stunning fashion-centric pics as well. 

Instagram: @liselottefleur (12.8K followers)

12. Feature Shoot

Worried we haven’t covered any fine art photography blogs? Well, meet Feature Shoot. In fact, this site has a dedicated “fine art” page. However, that label applies to nearly any image you can find on this blog on photography. Every featured genre page—portraits, still life, and more—is so exquisite that each clearly demonstrates mastery of the craft. 

Instagram: @featureshoot (222K followers)

13. Fiona Kelly Photography

Wedding photography is big business. Fiona Kelly Photography, named for the wedding photographer herself, offers a candid look into what this career can offer. 

Best Photography Blogs - Wrapbook - Fiona Kelly
If you love photography and love, a career in wedding photography might just be the right fit for you. Fiona Kelly Photography gives an insider’s look at it.

Be sure to add it to your list of photographer’s blogs if you’re also looking for practical shutterbug tips specific to this industry. 

Instagram: @fionakellyphoto (3.5K followers)

14. Ignant

Not so interested in the articles that some of the best photography blogs have to offer? If you’re a purist who just wants to look at beautiful pics, look no further than Ignant.

Best Photography Blogs - Wrapbook - Ignant
With its wide array of different photography styles, Ignant is a must for your best photography blogs list.

Ignant keeps copy to a minimum so you can focus on those eye-grabbing photos.

Instagram: @ignant (892K followers)

15. The Phoblographer

With the overwhelming amount of photography equipment out there, it helps to have a trusted site where you can get the lowdown on what to buy and what to avoid. Enter The Phoblographer. Among the many blogs about photography, this one made our list due to its comprehensive overview of all the great gadgets and other tech available. 

Instagram: @phoblographer (33.3K followers)

16. Photofocus

It’s pretty amazing how many blogs on photography offer insightful, actionable advice on how to start and improve your skill sets, and Photofocus is no exception. 

Best Photography Blogs - Wrapbook - Photofocus
Looking for practical blogs on photography? Head to Photofocus, which offers just that, like how to photograph a live band.

This site provides a host of articles on all things photography for novice shutterbugs. Here you can find instruction on lighting for apr, getting the proper gear, and of course what to do during it.

Instagram: @photofocus (2.5K followers)

17. Reading the Pictures

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Truthful and poignant photojournalism has never been more important in conveying what is happening in the world.

Reading the Pictures made our best photography blogs list exactly because of its focus on responsible photojournalism. A site dedicated to “analysis of news photos and media images,” it provides a look at how to make an impact through accountable camerawork. 

Instagram: @readingthepictures (13.1K followers)

18. Steve McCurry

Want to see a master portrait photographer at work? For the last several decades, Steve McCurry has made it his professional and personal mission to capture the beauty of the human face from every corner of the globe. 

Best Photography Blogs - Wrapbook - Steve McCurry
The only entry of our photographer’s blogs that has several million Instagram followers. A true icon of the field.

His camerawork has been admired for years. However, the image that he is arguably most famous for is the acclaimed Afghan Girl photograph, which made the June 1985 cover of National Geographic.

Instagram: @stevemccurryofficial (3.5M followers)

19. Tina Picard

Some blogs on photography tend to think that more is more. Not so with Tina Picard. This artist’s minimalistic style sets her apart from the pack and her site very much belongs to the very best fine art photography blogs.

Instagram: @tinapicardphoto (47.2 followers)

20. Two Loves Studio

You know a photographer’s doing something right when a mere photo of a dish can get your mouth watering. Two Loves Studio does it, and looks good doing it.

Best Photography Blogs - Wrapbook - Two Loves Studio
Who said food can’t be fine art? Multiple blogs on photography—food photography—demonstrate just that.

Not only is the author of the site at the top of her food photography game, but also she provides ample tips and tricks for others aspiring to do the same.

Instagram: @twolovesstudio (83.5K followers)

21. We Eat Together

In good company with Two Loves Studio is We Eat Together, which should definitely be added to your blogs about photography… and food! 

Best Photography Blogs - Wrapbook - We Eat Together
Some of the best photographer’s blogs demonstrate just how much a single artist can do right at home. We Eat Together is one of them.

Here you can learn from artist Skyler Burt on all things food photography. Food styling, food lighting, and all other elements in making your viewer hungry.

Instagram: @we.eat.together_ (39K followers)

22. Women Photograph

Wrapping up our collection of the best photography blogs is Women Photograph—and they certainly do! 

Several of the photographer’s blogs already mentioned on our list belong to male artists. Their spots are deserved to be sure, but let’s not overlook the incredible work of their female-identifying counterparts. This inclusive site clearly demonstrates their talent and impact in the field. 

Instagram: @womenphotograph (184K followers)

Wrapping up

These blogs on photography are just a starting point for all the many incredible sites out there that can ignite your photography passion or bring your creative pursuit of it to the next level. 

As you explore different blogs about photography, make sure to check out our articles on everything from starting your own photography studio to handling the inevitable peaks and valleys of this creative endeavor.

Last Updated 
January 12, 2023


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