April 15, 2024

Digital, Synchronized Payroll is Transforming Esports Production

The Wrapbook Team
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Esports—that is, the thrilling realm of competitive video gaming—has evolved from a niche interest to a global phenomenon. While even a decade ago, the idea of an esports tournament bringing together millions of viewers would have seemed far-fetched, today that is very much the reality, and multiplayer video game competitions are now a massive—and growing—industry.

The essence of esports lies in its fast-paced, dynamic nature. And while the quick reflexes of the players are front and center, behind-the-scenes teams need to practice efficient management, too. Esports productions often unfolding within the span of a single day, requiring those on the production side of things to manage the large crews responsible for bringing these digital battles to life. From streaming engineers and camera operators to tournament stage crew, every role is crucial in delivering an immersive viewing experience.

But paying that crew—and keeping track of expenses—hasn’t always been straightforward. Until now.

A tool tailored for esports management

Esports productions come with unique challenges. Freelancers need to be onboarded quickly and paid promptly. Documents need to be collected easily and organized clearly. And all this needs to happen in a short period of time—often a single day. 

For years, the process of collecting tax documents and cutting checks was a headache. But it doesn’t have to be. Wrapbook now offers a comprehensive solution designed to make payroll and crew management frictionless.

By streamlining the essential administrative tasks with smart onboarding and automated timecards, Wrapbook makes sure your backstage heroes are onboarded swiftly and paid correctly—as easily as possible.

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It all starts with onboarding. Wrapbook’s profile-based onboarding system ensures that your freelancers’ payment information and tax documents follow them from job to job. So once a worker sets up a profile—which they can do from any device in just a few minutes—they won’t have to re-onboard for the next tournament. By eliminating the need to start the onboarding process from scratch for each event, Wrapbook enables quick and easy preparation for future projects, ensuring that the focus remains on the event's success.

And when the next tournament comes around, your go-to crew can just onboard themselves to the project with a click—no more collecting W9s or sending PDFs via email.

Simplifying payroll processing

Given esports' global reach, the regulations around paying your teams can get complicated fast. To make sure you don’t get hit with unexpected penalties, it’s important to keep an eye on compliance. 

Wrapbook’s built-in compliance controls automate the nuances of taxes, fringes, and more, breaking down each timecard in real time. This makes it easier to keep an eye on your budget, and it also gives your producers and financial teams peace of mind. From accurately calculating overtime to managing bulk approvals with just a few clicks, these smart features save significant time and eliminate paperwork. Not to mention, by eliminating manual data entry, they also cut down on errors.

Wrapping up

As esports continues to grow, reaching audiences worldwide and spanning countless gaming genres, the need for robust, efficient production solutions becomes ever more evident. Wrapbook addresses this need with an all-in-one platform that embodies the speed and complexity of esports. With Wrapbook, the administrative hurdles of payroll and crew management are streamlined, or in some cases eliminated entirely.

The world of competitive gaming is changing fast, and Wrapbook is, simply put, a game-changer. For esports producers looking to cut through the hassle of traditional payroll, Wrapbook represents the next level—for production professionals, freelancers, and for the esports industry itself. Learn about all about it here.

Last Updated 
April 15, 2024


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