Whether you're filming a heart-stopping car chase or a gravity-defying leap of faith, stunt performers are the silent heroes who bring your action sequences to life. But finding the right one can feel like a high-wire act itself.  

This article will guide you through the hiring process, from crafting a clear job description to selecting the perfect candidate. With the help of our free downloadable template, you'll be equipped to find a skilled stunt performer who can execute your vision safely and flawlessly.

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Once you've identified the ideal candidate, it's crucial to solidify the terms of your collaboration in a written agreement. This protects both you and the stunt performer by clearly outlining expectations, compensation, and safety protocols. 

Our free downloadable template provides a solid foundation you can customize to fit your specific project. The agreement covers essential aspects like:

  • Scope of work: A detailed description of the stunts the performer will execute.
  • Compensation: Clearly defined payment terms, including hourly rates, daily guarantees, and any overtime provisions.
  • Safety: Outlined safety procedures and the allocation of responsibility for stunt equipment and medical attention.
  • Insurance: Requirements for both parties to hold appropriate insurance coverage.

By using this agreement, you can ensure a smooth and successful collaboration with your stunt performer, allowing you to focus on creating high-octane action sequences with peace of mind.

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Bring on a stunt coordinator

Think of the stunt coordinator as the architect of your action sequences. They'll collaborate closely with the director to translate the vision from script to screen, ensuring both safety and visual impact.

Stunt coordinators bring a wealth of experience, designing and choreographing safe and realistic plans for executing each action scene. They'll also cast qualified stunt performers, leveraging their network of skilled professionals to perfectly match the specific demands of your stunts.

While hiring a stunt coordinator adds another layer to your production budget, their contribution can be invaluable. They'll streamline the stunt process, elevate the quality of your action sequences, and most importantly, keep your cast and crew safe.

Plan out exactly what each stunt will entail

Before you start searching for a stunt performer, take some time to meticulously plan out each stunt sequence in your project. This detailed breakdown serves several purposes. 

First, it allows you to clearly communicate your vision to potential stunt performers. They'll need a precise understanding of the actions involved, the environment, and any special effects or props to ensure they can execute the stunt safely and effectively.

Second, thorough planning helps identify potential safety hazards early on. By meticulously outlining each stunt, you can proactively address potential risks and implement appropriate safety measures.

Finally, a well-defined plan streamlines the pre-production process. With a clear understanding of the stunts required, you can efficiently gather quotes, schedule rehearsals, and secure any necessary equipment or permits. 

This meticulous approach will save you time and resources in the long run, allowing you to focus on creating a thrilling and safe action sequence. 

Determine the qualities you need in a performer for each stunt

Once you've meticulously planned your stunts, it's time to identify the specific qualities you need in a stunt performer for each sequence. Not all stunts require the same skillset. A high-falls specialist might not be the best fit for a complex fight scene, and vice versa.

Here are some key qualities to consider:

Physical attributes

Strength, agility, flexibility, and overall fitness will vary depending on the stunt.  A car stunt performer will need a different physical profile than someone tackling a high fall or intricate fight choreography.


Does the stunt involve martial arts expertise, precision driving, or mastery of specific equipment like wires or harnesses? Identifying the necessary skills will help you find a performer with the right experience.

Experience level

For complex or high-risk stunts, a seasoned professional with a proven track record is crucial. Less demanding stunts might offer opportunities for talented newcomers to showcase their skills.

Hiring a Stunt Performer - Wrapbook - Motorcyclist
You’ll need a professional stunt performer for scenes like these.

By carefully considering these factors for each stunt, you can create targeted job descriptions that attract qualified candidates. This will give you a strong pool of performers to choose from and ensure you find the perfect stunt person to bring your vision to life. 

Look for appropriate talent

With your stunt plans and performer requirements in hand, it's time to find the perfect talent to execute your vision. Fortunately, there are several resources available to connect you with skilled stunt performers.

Industry organizations 

Leverage professional organizations like SAG-AFTRA and the Stuntmen's Association of Motion Pictures. Their online directories allow you to search for qualified stunt performers based on specific criteria like location, skills, and experience.

Online marketplaces

Several online platforms cater specifically to stunt performers. Websites like Twine, Stunt Players, Stunt Listing, and iStunt host profiles of stunt performers showcasing their skills and experience. These platforms allow you to browse profiles, contact performers directly, and even post job openings.

By utilizing a combination of industry organizations and online marketplaces, you'll gain access to a wide range of talented stunt performers, increasing your chances of finding the perfect person to bring your action sequences to life.

Hold auditions for all viable candidates

To assemble the most talented and capable stunt team for your project, you should hold open auditions for all viable candidates. This wide net will allow you to discover hidden gems and ensure you aren't overlooking casting any potential stars. 

By setting a clear eligibility criteria and promoting the auditions effectively, you can attract a diverse pool of stunt performers with a range of experience and skills.  

During the audition process, you should assess potential stunt performers on their physical fitness, agility, and ability to master specific stunts relevant to the film. 

You should also evaluate their ability to follow your direction, collaborate effectively with other stunt performers and the filmmaking crew, and prioritize safety throughout the process.  

Negotiate all relevant terms for the stunt performer’s work

Once you've assembled your dream stunt team, it's time to solidify the details of their involvement. This involves negotiating a clear and comprehensive contract that outlines all relevant terms for the stunt performer's work.  

Start by using our handy template to ensure the contract details essential information like compensation, including base pay, overtime rates, and potential bonuses.  

Be sure to clearly define stunt difficulty tiers and their corresponding pay scales. The contract should also address working hours, rest periods, meal breaks, and transportation logistics.  

Don't forget to prioritize safety! The contract should stipulate comprehensive medical insurance coverage in case of injuries sustained during stunt performance.  

Furthermore, clearly outline safety protocols, stunt rehearsal procedures, and the right for stunt performers to refuse unsafe stunts.  A well-negotiated contract protects both you, the production, and your invaluable stunt team.

Wrapping up

A successful stunt sequence is a result not just of daring feats but also of meticulous planning, clear communication, and a mutual respect between the stunt performers and the filmmaking team. With our stunt performer agreement, you can make sure the terms of your contract are clearly communicated between you and the professional you hire for any stunt. 

Wrapbook offers a wide array of free, downloadable, and fully customizable hiring agreements for your production needs. And for more information on how to manage your payroll on any project, check out our demo.

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June 4, 2024


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