April 11, 2023

Women of Wrapbook

Shaudi Bianca Vahdat
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At Wrapbook, we’re proud to bring ease and simplicity to production payroll. But we know Wrapbook don’t just happen– there’s a team of real live human beings behind it all. 

Last month, we highlighted just a few of the women of Wrapbook over on our Instagram feed. But if you’re active in our community or use Wrapbook, you’re likely already familiar with them and all of the other incredible humans who make Wrapbook possible.

Each of these professionals brings experience, passion, and a uniquely valuable perspective to what we’re building. Join us in spotlighting and celebrating their contributions to our work!

Chanelle R. Davis | Customer Success Manager

Chanelle R. Davis has been in the commercial and production payroll world for a long time. She’s seen a lot, but what she hadn’t seen until she chose to join Wrapbook? A company that makes tangible changes in response to customer feedback. 

In her role as Customer Success Manager, Chanelle works closely with payroll clients to make sure their Wrapbook experience is smooth.

“I'm big on the client relationships, having that one on one with the client is something that I love." 

If she learns something isn’t working for a client, Chanelle leverages her industry expertise and deep knowledge of her clients’ experiences to collaborate with the team and fix it. 

Not only do they quickly resolve any issues, but Wrapbook’s engineers and product developers use the information to make sure the issues don’t happen again. 

Chanelle brings the voice of the client to the Wrapbook team. 

Kim Berzak | Senior Director of Sales

Industry veteran Kim Berzak understands firsthand that production can be, as she puts it, “fast and furious”. 

Before joining Wrapbook as Senior Director of Sales, she was a commercial production accountant for two decades. Kim was also a controller for many well-known Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) companies. She continues to serve as an active board member of the AICP East Chapter.

This wealth of experience allows Kim to understand exactly where our clients are coming from and what their needs are, in every phase of production. She sees herself as a supportive partner in our client’s work. 

“Because I know the trials and tribulations of payroll and production accounting, I'm a great asset to them. I'm there for them, so the challenges that we face, we face them together." 

Victoria Gordon | Senior Product Manager

Victoria Gordon (known as V) is a skilled innovator and problem solver. As Senior Product Manager at Wrapbook, she develops built-in payroll and accounting tools to make life in the entertainment industry easier. 

V started as an accountant herself.

"Using the tools that were provided to me by other payroll companies, I felt a lot of frustrations and pain points to get my job done effectively.” 

These frustrations eventually led her to move to technology development, where she could help improve those tools. But she found herself prevented from innovating as creatively as she wanted to to make the impact she knew was possible. 

That all changed when she heard about Wrapbook. 

V was “super stoked” when she found out that Wrapbook was “supportive of doing things differently to make a change in the world.” Now she’s “living the dream”, developing products that help advance the industry. 

Allison Takeuchi | Vice President of Product

A challenge genuinely excites Allison Takeuchi. That’s part of why she’s perfect for her role as Vice President of Product at Wrapbook. 

“The entertainment world is ripe for innovation. Figuring out how to improve the daily lives of productions and workers was such an awesome challenge that I couldn't resist coming on board."

Her team includes product design, research, and analytics. She grounds her work in a thorough understanding of Wrapbook's clients. 

“When you think about technology, you think about someone being in front of a screen all day long. And the reality is [our customers are] out in the field, they're doing the work. They are onsite on location in the freezing rain or they've been traveling away from their family to get the work done.”

Wrapbook’s clients want technology that will enable them to spend more time on the creative side of their work, and less time staring at a screen. For Allison and her team, that means developing products that are “simple, delightful…seamless”.

Wrapping Up

Thank you to Chanelle, Kim, V, and Allison for taking the time to share their stories with us! Each of these women is a meaningful part of the Wrapbook team and bring critical experience and insight to our company’s work. 

Want to learn more about Wrapbook's full team of payroll experts? Check out who's behind the scenes when it comes to managing your production payroll needs. And if you’d like to work with them and the rest of our talented crew, read our complete guide to running film payroll for producers. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the payroll setup process, as well as how Wrapbook can make it easier and more efficient.

Last Updated 
April 11, 2023


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About the author
Shaudi Bianca Vahdat

Shaudi is a Seattle-based musician, theatre artist, writer and social media marketing specialist. She holds degrees from Berklee College of Music and the University of Washington School of Drama.

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