September 27, 2023

LinkedIn Names Wrapbook a Top Startup of 2023

The Wrapbook Team
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Wrapbook is proud to announce that LinkedIn has named us #44 of their Top Startups of 2023. This exclusive list of companies recognizes some of the fastest growing start-ups across various industries, with a special focus on our employees.  

Let’s take a look at the four criteria LinkedIn used to place us as ther #44 Top Startup of 2023

1. Employment Growth

The first criteria used to judge their 2023 startups was employment growth. You can gauge how much a company is growing based on a number of criteria.  One of the most important is how many people it’s able to hire and employ.

In July of 2022 (the beginning of the judgment period), Wrapbook had 170 employees.  Fast-forward to June of 2023, we’d grown to 247.  That’s an increase of 45%! We’re growing fast, and we need all hands on deck as we revolutionize the world of entertainment payroll.

2. Engagement

How engaged is the world with our company and its employees? How often do people investigate us or our brilliant employees? Being talked about is one thing, but being researched? That’s how you know people are curious.

LinkedIn studied the data from its own platform to learn more about the business world’s interest in us. 

3. Job Interest

Combine the first two metrics and you get LinkedIn’s third metric for naming us one of the Top Startups of 2023.  How much interest is there at working at the company?  How often are people viewing and replying to our LinkedIn job listings?

We pride ourselves on being a wonderful place to work. A place that values work-life balance while still holding ourselves to ambitious goals and high standards.  It’s the only way you’ll attract the top talent.  

Speaking of which…

4. Attraction of Top Talent

It’s not just about quantity.  It’s about quality. LinkedIn measure this by tracking how many employees we’ve recruited away from LinedIn Top Companies - as a % of our total workforce.

It’s not about poaching.  It’s about being such a great place to work that everyone wants to come here.  We welcome our highly skilled workforce, such as our recent hire of Rick Rice and Ryan Broussard.

Wrapping Up

While we’re proud and humbled that LinkedIn has decided to award us this honor, it’s not all about awards.  It’s about producing the best product we can and showing people a new way to run their entertainment payroll.  Learn more about the people that make Wrapbook, or watch a demo today.

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September 27, 2023


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