June 14, 2024

Introducing Wrapbook’s Room Tone + Early Access to The List

Loring Weisenberger
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Slack groups can be an invaluable resource for production accountants. 

From job notices to networking opportunities, Slack communities leverage the collective knowledge of their members to provide something more powerful than the sum of their parts. 

That’s why Wrapbook is thrilled to announce the creation of Room Tone, a Slack group designed specifically for professional production accountants. 

In this post, we’ll take you on a tour of everything Room Tone has to offer, including its exclusive early access to The List for members. We’ll break down what Room Tone is, why it matters, and how you can use this community to upgrade your career.

What is Room Tone?

In their ideal form, Slack groups are geared towards a specific audience, and Room Tone is no exception. 

This premiere Slack group – which offers a host of resources, including first access to The List, software tutorials, and industry-specific contacts and conversations – is one that production accountants can’t afford to pass up.

Who Room Tone is for

Simply put, Room Tone is for anyone and everyone active in the production accounting world.

Naturally, the core of the group is built around production accountants themselves, but its value as a resource extends well beyond any individual job title. From controllers to clerks, Room Tone is the perfect medium for professionals operating in production accounting. 

How Room Tone works with The List

Yes, that list. 

Founded by Emily Rice in 2005, The List is the film and television industry’s premiere job board for production accountants. For over 20 years, The List has been the place for accounting pros to find real opportunities. 

And now Wrapbook has partnered with Rice to provide exclusive early access to The List for anyone who signs up for Room Tone. 

The List in itself is an invaluable job search resource for production accountants in every stage of their careers. However, hours before new job listings are made available to individuals who subscribe only to The List, Room Tone members receive access to them.

Apply now to Room Tone.

Room Tone

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Why Room Tone over other online communities?

Wrapbook is proud to have a partner in Emily Rice – one of the most respected individuals in the production accounting world – for both The List and Room Tone.

Emily believes in Wrapbook’s powerful accounting resources and shares our passion for the professional production community. She’s already given Wrapbook exclusive early access to The List and is expanding her partnership with Wrapbook by helping us to shape Room Tone into the single most important and professionally impactful community for production accountants.

Room Tone goes beyond budgets and job boards to support production accountants as complete professionals. It is an expansion of the tools and resources that Wrapbook and Emily Rice already provide, a method of empowering individual production accountants by giving them a platform to better connect with one another. 

Why do production accounting professionals need a dedicated online community space?

While there are many online communities for production accountants, most of them are relatively limited in scope. The internet itself is a highly fragmented space, and individual communities or resources tend to reflect that fragmentation. You might find a solid list for production accountant jobs on one platform, but you’ll likely have to go somewhere completely different to tap into networking for accountants.

Room Tone seeks to change that by bringing as many of the advantages of other communities as possible into a single space. To that end, Room Tone gives community members job listings via early access to The List, networking opportunities, collective knowledge, and so much more from one access point. 

Apply now to Room Tone.

Why host Room Tone on Slack?

Slack groups provide a unique cocktail of tools and features that make it easier to build better communities online. Below, we’ll take a look at four reasons why Slack is the ideal home for Room Tone.  

1. Slack groups are private & secure

Room Tone is a group for production accountants, which means that anyone who requests to join goes through a vetting process to confirm that they are indeed professionals in the field. This not only ensures that Room Tone remains a group geared strictly toward production accounting but also heightens the deep communal energy of it.

Even within that community, though, Room Tone allows for much desired privacy, as it provides an option for members to directly message others if they don’t want to share the conversation in a channel. 

2. Slack groups are flexible

Slack gathers the advantages of multiple social platforms into a single hub. That functionality allows individual Slack communities to customize their use of the platform to meet their unique needs. 

The decision to build Room Tone on Slack ensures that the community will always have the tools it needs to evolve. From file sharing to the ability to break out specific conversation channels, Slack will empower Room Tone to grow and better match its members’ priorities over time.

3. Slack groups are accessible

Slack communities are easily accessible for anyone with an internet connection.

In terms of price, Slack can’t be beat. While users may choose to pay for upgraded features, the base version of Slack is free. Members of Room Tone can tap its community resources at no personal cost. 

Slack also offers apps for mobile, desktop, and web. Members of Room Tone can engage with the community through their portal of choice, making Room Tone accessible from almost anywhere. Slack communities offer further proof that mobile technology can change the way production companies work

4. Slack groups are easy to use

More than anything, Slack ensures that Room Tone is useful. 

Content created and shared within the community is automatically organized, eliminating the mess of email communication and dodging the controlled chaos of a traditional forum. Conversations are highly searchable. Whether you’re on the hunt for production accountant jobs or just looking for some inside info on compliance, Slack’s search functionality can deliver exactly the information looking for in a few keystrokes.

Better still, Slack brings all the functionality listed here and above into one place. Like Wrapbook itself, Slack communities leverage the combined power and convenience of a single platform to supercharge its users’ experience. Room Tone is a one-stop shop for all things production accounting.

Apply now to Room Tone.

Why should you join Room Tone?

As a resource for production accountants both novice and veteran, Room Tone is paradoxically both free to use and invaluable. It's a digital space that offers education, opportunity, and networking for accountants in the production industry

Here a few features you can expect to experience through Room Tone on a regular basis:

  • First access to The List job postings
  • Daily discussion prompts
  • Dedicated Slack channels
  • Software tutorials
  • Coming soon: Live Zoom AMAs and other exclusive virtual events

Most importantly, Room Tone is a community. It enables users to engage with their peers and build new relationships. Room Tone represents a new way to connect online. 

Wrapping up

Room Tone is an exciting new community for production accountants, and we’re thrilled to see how it grows in the future.

Apply now to start connecting with peers and colleagues from across the industry. Once you’re approved, you’ll have early access to The List, quarterly networking events, conversation, and much more.

Room Tone

Join Room Tone to get early access to production accounting job listings

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June 14, 2024


At Wrapbook, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding free resources to producers and their crews, but this post is for informational purposes only as of the date above. The content on our website is not intended to provide and should not be relied on for legal, accounting, or tax advice.  You should consult with your own legal, accounting, or tax advisors to determine how this general information may apply to your specific circumstances.

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