On-set collaboration is an essential component of a successful shoot, contributing to the completion of projects on time, within budget, and with top-notch quality. 

However, achieving effective collaboration goes beyond simply gathering the right people; it requires tools that promote clear communication, coordination, and streamlined workflows.

That’s where Wrapbook comes in.

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Miscommunication: The Silent Saboteur

The location manager files for the wrong permits. The production coordinator misses a purchase order. The art director’s startwork gets lost in the shuffle.

Each of these seemingly minor errors has a ripple effect, disrupting the carefully planned schedule and escalating costs.

At the root of these errors is often simple miscommunication. In a high-pressure environment like a film set, clear and coordinated exchanges of information are crucial. Even the smallest lapse in communication can snowball into larger issues that impact the entire production.

On top of it all, different departments might use different communication tools, leading to information getting lost in the shuffle, information being siloed, preventing effective collaboration. 

And on set, time-sensitive decisions need to be made, and information has to be communicated quickly. The tools used to manage this information must be streamlined.

A centralized solution for on-set collaboration

Wrapbook serves as a centralized hub for seamless collaboration among production teams, accounting teams, and crew members. 

As time-sensitive decisions arise and information must be quickly communicated, Wrapbook  is a single platform where your entire team can manage critical functions like onboarding and payroll, track job costs, and stay connected.

Take getting a timecard approved for example. Without a centralized solution, timecards are passed from approver to approver, increasing the likelihood of things getting lost in the shuffle and the time it takes to approve a worker’s hours. With Wrapbook, you can create custom approval workflows so that every request is easily managed in one place and everyone can see where every request is at any time. 

Take a look at how it works:

By centralizing communication, Wrapbook drastically reduces missed emails, misplaced paperwork, and overall confusion.

Reinventing production systems

Traditional production workflows often segregate processes into separate silos, creating inefficiencies and barriers between departments. Payroll is isolated from budget tracking; wrapping is separated from onboarding, and digital record-keeping is not integrated with the collection of physical documents.

The result of switching between multiple systems is frequently lost details, errors, and hampered collaboration.

With the advent of digital processes, you can overcome these obstacles and achieve seamless process integration. Wrapbook stands out as a powerful tool that unifies payroll and production accounting in one easy-to-use solution. It consolidates all facets of production cost management in one platform, eliminating siloed systems and enhancing speed, ease, and efficiency.

Complete integration from start to finish

Our comprehensive platform brings together every step of the production process, from onboarding to payroll, cost management, and accounting.

Managing onboarding with Wrapbook is simple and transparent. You can quickly create and send startwork and then track each crew members onboarding status in real-time. All signed documents are securely stored in your Wrapbook account.

As the forms are completed, Wrapbook gathers and automatically organizes them according to each crew member's unique profile, allowing authorized personnel to swiftly review or reference the documents. 

The crew can onboard, submit timecards, track payments, and manage ALL their critical documents from their Wrapbook account.  You can receive paperwork, time cards, and other critical documents from that same account. 

It condenses multiple forms of communication into one. This seamless pipeline minimizes the risk of miscommunication and guarantees everyone is properly onboarded.

Wrapbook Makes On-Set Collaboration Easy - Wrapbook - Crew Profile
With Wrapbook, all onboarding and payment information for each crew member is available in real time and on demand.

With easy-to-use import features, you can seamlessly integrate your budget from popular software like Movie Magic, HotBudget, or Showbiz Budgeting. Our platform automatically tailors a custom chart of accounts to match your existing setup, streamlining the transition. 

As you progress through production, Wrapbook provides real-time updates on actual expenses, allowing you to track your spending closely, including payroll, fringes, and purchase orders.

Wrapbook Makes On-Set Collaboration Easy - Wrapbook - Budget Tracker
Import your budget directly into Wrapbook and track each cost in real-time.

Whether you're working on a film or TV production or a commercial project, Wrapbook has you covered. We offer a production accounting solution for film and TV, while commercial productions can leverage our API integrations with leading corporate accounting systems like Sage Intacct, Acumatica, NetSuite, and QuickBooks.

Flexible payroll at your fingertips

With Wrapbook, managing payroll becomes a breeze. Gather digital timecards in a single, user-friendly interface and effortlessly handle all payroll-related details, from hours and expenses to reimbursements, per diems, kit fees, and union dues. Automated calculations help ensure accuracy and save you time.

Want proof? Ask London Alley.  They cut their payroll time in half with Wrapbook.

Best of all, you can pay your entire crew with a single click whenever it suits you - no need to wait on a paymaster. By offering prompt payments, you contribute to a positive work environment that fosters trust, respect, and effective collaboration among team members.

All-in-one solution, built by industry veterans

Wrapbook is the result of years of industry experience and cutting-edge technology. Our team includes seasoned production payroll experts as well as top tech talent from Silicon Valley. Our platform combines their collective expertise into a powerful tool that simplifies the entire production process. 

But we don't stop at providing great software - we're here to support you every step of the way, offering the expert guidance and assistance you need to make your production a success.

The power of unified teams

Effective communication and streamlined processes empower teams to focus on the common goal of producing a successful project. In a unified team, a shared sense of purpose and direction replace the chaos of miscommunication and inefficiencies.    

When information flows smoothly, team members feel confident in making decisions and taking ownership of their roles. With increased efficiency, less time is wasted on resolving communication issues or searching for information. 

As a result, teams can devote their full attention to their creative tasks, leading to more thoughtful and well-executed outcomes.

Wrapping up

From the early phases of pre-production to the concluding hours of wrap, Wrapbook is your trusted partner in facilitating seamless on-set collaboration. Our platform is meticulously crafted with valuable input from seasoned producers and filmmakers, transforming the way entertainment payroll functions. 

Purposefully designed from its inception, Wrapbook enhances teamwork, enabling you and your team to realize your creative vision effortlessly.

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Last Updated 
August 24, 2023


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