Nestled within the lush landscapes and dynamic cities of the Peach State, the Georgia Film Office stands as a beacon for filmmakers and creators. Here, against a backdrop brushed with historical richness and modern vibrance, Georgia is more than just a location—it's a pivotal character in the narratives woven by artists from around the globe.

In this blog post, we will journey through the heart of Georgia's film and TV production landscape and explore the many programs and robust support offered to filmmakers by the Georgia Film Office.

Get to know the Georgia Film Office

Established as part of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, the Georgia Film Office serves as the primary liaison between filmmakers and the state's rich slate of resources.

Deep Dive into the Georgia Film Office - Wrapbook - Atlanta
Atlanta, a growing film production hub in the heart of the Peach State.

The Georgia State Film Office plays a pivotal role in maintaining Georgia’s status as a top destination for film and television production, partly thanks to its administration of the state's lucrative film tax credit program as well as other other programs geared toward filmmakers of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Ways the Georgia Film Office supports filmmakers

From facilitating location scouting to navigating the nuances of state regulations and permits, the office is dedicated to ensuring productions of all sizes find their footing in Georgia. Its comprehensive support system connects filmmakers with local talent, qualified production facilities, and everything in between.

Whether you’re an independent filmmaker or part of a major production company, the Georgia State Film Office is committed to making film production in Georgia as seamless as possible.

Programs and funding offered by the Georgia Film Office

The Georgia State Film Office offers a broad spectrum of programs and incentives to champion film and television productions within the Peach State. 

Central to Georgia’s offerings is an alluring film tax credit program, meticulously crafted to bring film production to the state and help it thrive within Georgia’s many beautiful locales.

Deep Dive into the Georgia Film Office - Wrapbook - Peaches
The fruit that gives the Peach State its name—and the Georgia Film Office its logo.

Beyond financial perks, the office also paves the way for smooth access to prime filming locations, streamlined permit processes, and a wealth of local production assets, all while driving economic growth and spurring job creation in the entertainment sector.

Let's unpack the bounty of resources and support the Georgia Film Office extends to both budding and veteran filmmakers.

Incentive program

Georgia offers competitive programs and incentives to foster film and television production within the state. This includes the renowned film tax credit program, which offers up to 30% in transferable tax credits for qualified productions, making it one of the most attractive incentives in the industry.

The program is designed to attract and retain production activities in the state, bolstering local economies and fostering job creation. Beyond financial incentives, the office also orchestrates programs aimed at educational and professional development, enriching the local film and television talent pool.

Savannah Entertainment Production Incentives

Along with the Georgia film tax credit offered by the Georgia Film Office, the Savannah Regional Film Commission also offers Savannah Entertainment Production Incentives. 

These incentives, unique to Savannah, Georgia, include:

  • cash rebates for qualified feature films and televisions series
  • A bonus incentive of $25,000 that is awarded to productions that qualify for the Savannah Entertainment Production Incentive AND hire 50% or more local crew

The Savannah Entertainment Production Incentives are managed by the Savannah Economic Development Authority. For more information on the Savannah Entertainment Production Incentives, check out Wrapbook’s breakdown on the Production Incentive Center.

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Educational and professional development

The Georgia State Film Office is dedicated to nurturing talent through educational and professional development opportunities. This includes workshops, seminars, and partnerships with educational institutions aimed at providing valuable learning experiences for those aspiring to enter the film and television industry.

Georgia Film Academy

The Georgia Film Office supports educational and professional development through its collaboration with the Georgia Film Academy (GFA), offering a broad spectrum of programs designed to prepare students for high-demand careers in the film and creative industries.

At the heart of GFA’s curriculum is the certification in "Film & Television Production," which begins with an introduction to on-set film production, including narrative media that utilize film industry-standard organizational structures and equipment.

For those interested in starting their journey into the film industry or looking to further their education and skills, contacting the GFA is made easy through its website, which provides detailed information on courses, pathways, and application guidelines.

The PA Academy 

The PA Academy, sponsored by the Atlanta Film Society, is a program aimed at equipping participants with the necessary skills to excel as production assistants in the film industry. 

The curriculum covers job descriptions and roles across various departments, essential industry terminology, paperwork management, walkie talkie protocol, and more. 

Additionally, the workshop emphasizes the importance of set safety, etiquette, and the practical aspects of working with equipment, ensuring attendees are well-rounded in their understanding of production assistant duties.

Location scouting and permitting

The Georgia State Film Office also aids productions by facilitating access to diverse locations and resources, contributing to job creation and economic growth in the entertainment sector.

Deep Dive into the Georgia Film Office - Wrapbook - Oak Tree
Georgia is home to ethereal beauty, from Savannah’s iconic oak trees to dusty Macon County.

With an extensive database of locations, the Georgia State Film Office simplifies the location scouting process, offering comprehensive support for securing filming permits. This ensures that filmmakers can easily find and access ideal locations for their projects, from the bustling streets of Atlanta to the serene landscapes of rural Georgia.

Safety and Sustainability

Emphasizing safety and environmental responsibility, the Georgia State Film Office promotes adherence to safety protocols and sustainable practices on set. These initiatives reflect Georgia’s commitment to the wellbeing of film production crews and the preservation of the state’s natural beauty.

How to connect with the Georgia Film Office

Reaching out to the Georgia Film Office is straightforward with their team readily accessible via phone and email, social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, and YouTube, and its official website.

These channels are open doors for filmmakers seeking guidance, looking for resources, or simply exploring what Georgia has to offer their next project.

Wrapping up

With its comprehensive support and competitive incentives, the Georgia Film Office rolls out a red carpet for filmmakers to bring their visions to life under the Georgian sky. It’s no wonder, with such enticing opportunities for production, why Georgia has become known as the “Hollywood of the South.”

For more information on the Georgia film tax credit, check out Wrapbook’s helpful guide to the program. And for answers to all your production tax incentive questions, check out Wrapbook’s Production Incentive Center.

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