Wrapbook is continually refining and improving our platform to make payroll and production accounting streamlined and simplified for our clients. 

Check out our latest updates:

Project dashboard alerts

New alerts for action items help ensure your workers always get paid on time.

Wrapbook has updated the Project Dashboard to provide instant visibility into outstanding tasks related to Onboarding & verification, timecards, and payroll.

Get alerts about:

  • Overdue I-9 verifications
  • Workers not onboarded after seven days or longer from their start date 
  • Timecards pending approval for seven-plus days
  • Payrolls that have remained unpaid for five or more days
What_s New in Wrapbook - Apr 2024 - Project Dashboard Alerts

New email notification frequency settings

Stay in the know even when you’re not in Wrapbook. Now you can receive summary email notifications for timecards and approvals on your schedules:

  • Timecard notifications: Receive a summary of unsubmitted, ready for approval, and ready for payroll on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Approval notifications: Receive a summary of timecards, expenses, and/or purchase orders on an immediate, daily, or weekly basis.
What_s New in Wrapbook - Apr 2024 - New Email Notification Frequency Settings

Download all payables in a payroll 

You can now download all timecards or all payables (including timecards) per payroll batch versus a one-by-one download. This feature is available on a specific payroll when the payroll is in review, funded, or has been finalized/credited.

Account for foreign travel when creating a project

We’ve made it easier to provide information about foreign travel plans for workers when creating a project:

  • Easily provide details such as the number of workers, travel period, and locations, making sure employees are adequately covered while traveling.
  • Gain an upfront understanding of the foreign travel coverage costs so invoices are not a surprise. 

Complete worker onboarding tasks faster 

We’ve made it more efficient for you to complete onboarding tasks for your workers:

  • Cycle through workers with outstanding onboarding tasks with a new review worker toggle button on worker profiles.
  • Reduce the number of clicks it takes to find workers with outstanding onboarding tasks.
What_s New in Wrapbook - Apr 2024 - Complete Worker Onboarding Tasks Faster

Union fringes are now visible on all payrolls

Production budgets are clearer than ever‌! You can now view a breakdown of union contributions on demand:

  • This information can be found in three places: within a payroll, in the payment overview, and on the Invoice Fee Summary report.
  • Employees will also see a more detailed breakdown that includes the number of hours, days, etc. noted to the applicable fund on their pay stubs.

Assign non-union meal settings by work location 

You can define meal penalties for non-union workers in different cities when creating a project:

  • When setting up a project, define the meal penalty settings for each location added to the project. 
  • Once work locations are added, select your desired non-union meal setting from the dropdown. Choose from: California meal settings, deductible meals, or paid meals.

Download project startwork for select cast and crew 

Now you can pick and choose what worker documentation you want to download instead of downloading the whole crew’s startwork: 

  • Customize your startwork downloads by picking the workers you want to include and exclude from the download. 
  • We will be releasing the ability to download startwork by department in the upcoming weeks.
What_s New in Wrapbook - Apr 2024 - Download Project Startwork

More production accounting updates 

We’ve made improvements to our Production Accounting Suite:

  • Filterable General Ledger: You can now generate custom GL reports across various dimensions such as tags, account codes, accounting period, and more.
  • Updated Budget & EFC Tracker: New Save and Cancel buttons on the Budget & EFC Tracker have been added so you can work on your budget and revert changes before it hits the cost report. 

Wrapping up

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April 10, 2024


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