February 28, 2023

Top 10 Filmmaking Blogs of 2024

Loring Weisenberger
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For young indie producers, filmmaking blogs are an essential resource. They collect and curate knowledge on every facet of the production world, from DIY directing tips to state-of-the-art gear reviews. These filmmaker websites make it easier than ever to learn and grow, but they also present a problem.

To be honest, there are just too many filmmaking blogs to follow.

However, if you’re here, you’re in luck. Below, we’ll break down the top 10 film blogs on the internet. We’ll show you the best websites for filmmakers interested in tech, tips, news, story analysis, and so much more.

1. Indiewire

IndieWire has been one of the best websites for filmmakers for more than 25 years. Their content focuses on the news and culture of filmmaking, offering coverage whose depth and breadth is simply unmatched by other indie film blogs. 

IndieWire got its start as an online chat room back in 1996, but its growth since has been exponential. Today, IndieWire sets itself apart from other filmmaker websites with a constant stream of diverse, high-profile film articles. 

While they won’t put you in the shoes of a UPM or 1st AD, IndieWire’s interviews take you behind-the-scenes with A-list talent like the Daniels, Greta Gerwig, and Todd Field. While they won’t tell producers how to master a festival run, IndieWire’s news bulletins will go deep on everything from the Oscars to must-see movies from the Berlin Film Festival

Few other filmmaking blogs can rival the access or prestige afforded by IndieWire’s long-standing reputation. There may be no better option for staying up to date on film culture, specifically from a filmmaker’s point of view.

2. CineD

On the opposite end of the spectrum, CineD is one of the best filmmaking blogs dedicated exclusively to gear and tech. CineD sets itself apart from competitors through quality examination of equipment. Their content goes well beyond the expectations of similar video production blogs. 

While most video production blogs limit their product reviews to technical specs and a few impressions, CineD takes analysis seriously. Their coverage balances extensive lab testing with a commitment to seeing how gear performs in the real world. 

From their comprehensive gear guides to their highly specific how-tos, CineD has everything you need to know about the toys and tools disrupting the entertainment industry. Their dedication demonstrates exactly why the production world loves tech

3. No Film School

No Film School is one of the world’s most popular filmmaker websites. Their articles cover news, tutorials, analysis, interviews, editorials, and much more. Unlike most film blogs, No Film School captures both the culture and craft of movies. More impressive still, they’ve been doing it all day, every day, for more than a decade. 

At No Film School, their motto is “by filmmakers, for filmmakers”. That simple philosophy gives their content a distinct edge over other filmmaking blogs. No Film School’s content covers a full spectrum of topics designed for filmmakers in the creative trenches. 

On any given weekday, contributors will break down budget camera alternatives, provide tips for writing better dialogue, and explore how David Fincher conjures his unique style. No Film School’s mass library of insight and knowledge is an irreplaceable resource for filmmakers of any stripe. 

4. The Wrapbook Blog

The Wrapbook Blog sets itself apart from other filmmaker websites by focusing on the practical side of production. Most filmmaking blogs ignore the non-glamorous nuances of making movies, but Wrapbook makes them its bread and butter. We provide one of the best websites for filmmakers putting together a professional-grade production. 

The Wrapbook Blog takes an A-to-Z approach to content curation. We cover anything and everything, so long as it impacts real-world producers and their crew. 

The Wrapbook Blog takes deep dives into minutiae like union paperwork, how to run payroll, and production tax credits. We also explore cutting edge tools and techniques like on-demand digital cost reports and the emerging art of virtual production. We even provide free templates, forms, and other resources to get your next shoot on its feet as quickly as possible. 

Plus, unlike other filmmaking blogs, we’re supported by Wrapbook itself. 

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5. RedShark News

RedShark News focuses on the intersection of production and technology. They keep readers informed through a combination of news and accessible analysis. 

Compared to other tech-centric filmmaker websites, RedShark strikes a unique balance between technical insight and practical application.

Weekly news roundups deliver succinct highlight reels of notable product releases and announcements. Other posts dive into distinct questions of craft, like the difference between good and ‘bad’ softness in lenses

Their technology section connects filmmaking to the wider world of tech innovations, exploring the legal intricacies of AI or the history of HD video.

For producers looking to stay in the know, few video production blogs can keep you as thoroughly informed (without being overwhelmed) as RedShark News.

6. Raindance Blog

The Raindance blog is an extension of the well-known Raindance Film Festival. This affiliation connects the Raindance blog to the heart of independent filmmaking in a way that few other indie film blogs could hope to rival. 

Raindance combines the posts you would see on DIY video production blogs with the personal perspectives of filmmakers in the festival community. The result is a unique variety of content that you simply won’t find on other filmmaker websites. 

Ranging from incredibly niche to profoundly fundamental, the Raindance blog covers any topic that might be important to an independent filmmaker. You’re just as likely to find posts on the best filmmaker websites for buying prop money as you are big picture breakdowns about film financing

7. The Anonymous Production Assistant

The Anonymous Production Assistant stands out from other filmmaking blogs with its notoriously no-nonsense approach to set life reporting. As its name suggests, the Anonymous Production Assistant draws its content from the experiences of professional PAs. Readers are given a first-hand look at all the good, the bad, and even the downright frustrating sides of the production industry. 

However, it would be a mistake to think that The Anonymous Production Assistant blog is just for PAs. While there are plenty of posts on getting started in the industry and how to pick up skills on set, there are also posts on how to run a production office, how to join the DGA, and much more. 

No matter what crew position you hold, there’s always something to learn from The Anonymous Production Assistant’s spin-free approach to behind-the-scenes content. 

8. JohnAugust.com

Few film blogs can match the resource richness of JohnAugust.com. A professional screenwriter whose credits range from Charlie’s Angels to Frankenweenie, John August started his blog in 2003. Since then, it’s blossomed into the internet’s leading source of screenwriter wisdom. John illuminates both the craft and industry experience of screenwriters in ways that only a seasoned pro can. 

However, John’s podcast is the real star of the show. On Scriptnotes, John’s joined by Craig Mazin (of both Chernobyl and The Last of Us fame) to discuss the mechanics of storytelling and how to practice them within the Hollywood system. 

Together, John’s blog and podcast form a free masterclass in storytelling for the screen. 

While John August’s blog probably won’t help you build a shooting schedule or budget your next feature, it’s pretty hard to beat among filmmaker websites dedicated to the screenplay. 

9. The Film Independent Blog

Film Independent is a non-profit arts organization that champions independent filmmakers through events, programs, and grants. The Film Independent blog extends that support by providing high-quality information and first-person missives from the indie community. 

Film Independent sets itself apart from typical video production blogs through intimacy and accessibility. It focuses less on gear and more on people.

The blog regularly highlights projects in their fiscal support pipeline as well as the filmmakers behind them. They also post reviews, indie news, and deep dives into film craft.

10. The Current (from The Criterion Collection)

The Current is an online magazine from the much-beloved Criterion Collection. It covers film culture past and present, and focuses on quality journalism and analysis from a diverse range of voices.

The Current offers everything from deep dive essays to filmmaker interviews to visual analyses of classic films. The Current is an ongoing ode to the art, craft, and cultural significance of film. It goes beyond industry mechanics and product reviews, cutting straight to the heart of why we all love the movies.  

Plus, it gives you the inside track on your favorite Criterion covers

Wrapping up

Filmmaking blogs come in all shapes and sizes. With the above list and a little reading, you’re bound to find a blog that suits your interests. 

And if you’re not in the mood for text, you can always check out our list of the best filmmaking podcasts instead.

Last Updated 
February 28, 2023


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